Days Gone: The Game Wasn’t Bad, Just Not Woke Enough

For him, if Days Gone received such a welcome and less good feedback than he would have liked from the press and specialized sites like Metacriticthat’s because no one bothered to play the game and the so-called “woke” community would have been shocked.

The press is too “woke” to appreciate Days Gone, everyone knows it

The man indeed replied to a fan on Twitter who said he did not understand why Days Gone had not carded. John Garvin then explains to him that, according to him, there are three big reasons for that.

Three reasons:

There were technical issues like bugs, or even the frame rate.
Critics didn’t bother to play the game.
And three, there were critics who couldn’t stand a gruff white biker staring at his girlfriend’s ass.

Yes, for Garvin “the critics” who dare to criticize Days Gone simply didn’t play the game and were too “woke” to play a white biker who checks out his girlfriend’s ass (we stay polite anyway ).

Days Gone: The Game Wasn't Bad, Just Not Woke Enough
thanks to playstationlifestyle who captured before account closure

The web ignites, John Garvin hides

Arguments that quickly ignited Twitter and even caused personalities in the field to react like Jason Schreier who responded not without humor.

That’s absolutely correct, as we all know, video games featuring gruff white men never get positive reviews.

Difficult indeed to remain unmoved in front of such “arguments” so much these are, let us say it, perfectly absurd. The last one is even disturbing, especially since the man then had fun in the comments and even tweeted several other times on the subject, highlighting in particular the fact that he found it funny that the term “woke” bothered.

What is rather funny in this case is that the screenwriter finally blocked his account shortly after. The sprinkler watered.

Days Gone may not be a must, it is nonetheless a fun game to play. Faults, yes, he has them from start to finish, but Deacon is by no means the problem, on the contrary, the character proves to be particularly endearing and his badass side gives him charisma. Besides, many fans ask for a Days Gone 2, but it is unfortunately not on the agenda at Sony. This does not prevent Bend Studio from being on other projects, however.

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