Days Gone ‘not woke enough’, Bend Studio disavows creative director

Days Gone 'not woke enough', Bend Studio disavows creative director

For the creative director of Days Gone, the game was poorly received by the press because “not woke enough”. An outing disapproved of by his former colleagues.

After John Garvin’s controversial Days Gone comments, Bend Studio released an official statement. The message is clear, the company is completely disassociating itself from the former creative director.

Days Gone’s studio isn’t wok with this statement

Three years after the release of Days Gone, former creative director John Garvin did not digest the reviews and the Metacritic rating lower than other PlayStation excluded. For him, there would be a main culprit, “wokism”. This strange dark phenomenon that is “everywhere” and seems to be eating away at society for the developer.

There were critics who couldn’t stand a gruff white biker staring at his girlfriend’s ass.

he had explained to justify himself. A personal opinion that is absolutely not shared by Bend Studio. Teams disavowed John Garvin’s post with an official statement on Twitter.

We have read statements made by our former creative director on Days Gone about his personal opinion on the critical reception of our intellectual property. Bend Studio does not share his sentiment nor does it reflect the opinions of our team members. Our studio is extremely proud of the work done on Days Gone and we are grateful to all the developers who put their heart and soul into it. We are humbled by the support from our community and will continue to share your enthusiasm for our world and characters as we look to the future.

Besides this release, is John Gravin concocting a new game? Yes, and like this release, it is likely to be unpopular. In collaboration with Michael Mumbauer (The Last of Us, Uncharted), the former creative director of Days Gone are preparing a title centered on… NFTs. Ashfall. the “first real AAA web 3.0 game on PC and consoles” which will have a similarity with DG.

It will still be a post-apocalyptic, open-world universe in which humans try to survive. A world that is in this state because of global warming. It will be a “connected solo adventure” with subsequent PvP and PvE.

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