Day of the Dead: a crazy trailer for the series based on Romero’s film


When there is no more room in the cinema, the dead return to the small screen. A “Day of the Dead” series inspired by the eponymous film by master George A. Romero arrives in October on Syfy. A first trailer packed with zombies has just been released.

Day of the dead : more zombies on TV

Day of the dead, Where Day of the living dead in French, is the title of the third zombie movie directed by George A. Romero. The scenario took place in a military camp where soldiers and scientists clashed instead of helping each other. While the former simply wanted to destroy the zombies by finding a cure, the latter aimed to educate the dead to respond to certain orders. A series with the same title was commissioned by SYFY but the storyline looks very different this time around. It will be question of a group of six survivors confronted during the first 24 hours of a zombie invasion. We do not find much of Romero’s film in this premise and, barring a surprise, we do not understand at all why to have titled the series thus.

Day of the dead © DOTD S1 Productions / SYFY

A tribute to George A. Romero

The trailer sells us “an ode to George A. Romero“But for this to be fully the case, the series must acquire political depth. The director used the genre to talk about subjects close to his heart. He particularly scratched the consumer society with Zombie or the media with Diary of the Dead. The preview nevertheless sells a show with zombies in all directions and appreciable gore effects. We may have to settle for a few interesting special effects because the rest does not seem very stimulating.

The tone, already very oriented towards humor, does not really work in these images. The visual allure, then, sounds cheap. Whether it’s the staging or the artistic direction, nothing very convincing to the eye is shown in this trailer. We can criticize The Walking Dead for different reasons, but the AMC show has a nice visual outfit. The episodes will begin to air next October, in the United States, on SYFY. We do not know when the French public will be entitled to it.

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