Daredevil: the MCU may well transform your vision of the hero

Daredevil: the MCU may well transform your vision of the hero

We know that Daredevil is back in the MCU if only by his very noticed appearance in Spider-Man No Way Home. We also know that he will have the right to his own series born again and that he will appear several times in the She-Hulk series. But obviously the version of the MCU will differ from that of Netflix. Explanations

While many would love for the character to continue his story arc from the Netflix Daredevil series, the creators of the upcoming Marvel Studios series have clarified that isn’t the case, and it even looks like his personality is a bit different.

A Daredevil that adapts to the She-Hulk series

Thus Jessica Gao, who is in the screenplay and production of She-Hulk declared :

VSWhat was really fun was bringing Daredevil into our world (the MCU). People have seen a Daredevil before that is very dramatic, powerful, very dark, brooding. We do that with every character in the MCU, but it was really fun to take him from the environment that you know, which is a much more dramatic and action-oriented, much more serious role, and then bring him in our universe and have it play on the tone of She-Hulk. The actors can then explore their character and we can see a lighter side of it.

Daredevil will therefore have a lighter tone because the She-Hulk storyline demands it, but that also doesn’t mean the character is going to be totally upset afterwards by keeping this time light and omitting his rather dark past.

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