Daredevil: the highly anticipated character of the fans would be back

Daredevil: the highly anticipated character of the fans would be back

After a foray into She-Hulk, Daredevil will officially return to his own series. A new adaptation that could transform your vision of the masked hero while reintroducing some of the characters who cut their teeth at Netflix. According to the latest rumors, there would be a last minute change on this point.

The Punisher back in Daredevil Born Again?

It’s been official for some time now Matt Murdock is once again played by Charlie Cox, who will return in an entirely dedicated series: Daredevil Born Again. Everything based on the script or the characters is still very mysterious, even if the insiders of the MCU give it their two cents. The first rumors indeed announced the return of Krysten Ritter in the role of Jessica Jones. She would eventually be replaced by one of Netflix’s most popular anti-heroes.

According to Geeks World Wide, a generally reliable source, Jon Bernthal could put on his Kelvar jacket again in the Disney+ series Daredevil Born Again. ” Overall the series is a re-introduction of Netflix characters to the general public. They were planning to bring back Ritter (note: Jessica Jones), but there is a problem with the schedule “, explains Tom Smith to the leaks proven on Spider-Man No Way Home. ” So they needed another Netflix star for this role. It’s Jon Bernthal (note: The Punisher). That said, I wouldn’t be shocked if Ritter had a cameo. If the rumor were to be true, it remains to be seen how Disney will adapt a character as brutal and visceral as the Punisher. Daredevil did indeed have a lighter tone in She-Hulk, but that doesn’t mean that will be the case in his series.

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