Daredevil: the Disney version has arrived, and is (almost) unanimous

Daredevil: the Disney version has arrived, and is (almost) unanimous

she hulk is a series that Marvel fans share. Many are those who criticize the very light tone of the character and the scenario. With the appearance of Daredevil in the show, there were a lot of concerns about the treatment of the superhero who had the right to a very nice adaptation on behalf of Netflix. In fact, it was especially the fans of the Netflix series who had apprehensions, rightly so, given the narrative quality of this one and its more than qualitative realization.

Daredevil Made in Disney (spoiler alert)

Spoiler alert : Episode 8 of She Hulk is therefore the opportunity to finally see Daredevil in costume in the MCU and not just Matt Murdock as in the film Spider-Man: No Way Home. Well lots of fans comparing the Disney version favorably to the Netflix one. Some even see a form of homage in his portrayal of the version on Disney+.

We were treated to a light-hearted and precise Matt Murdock, who healed from his struggles in the Netflix series, they gave him an awesome hallway scene. Marvel TV’s best episode to date.

We really got to see Daredevil in the MCU! As a longtime fan of the character and the show, I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to see Charlie Cox back on my screen.?

And that was another great episode of She-Hulk! I can’t wait to see the finale next week!

Daredevil was amazing and looked straight out of the Netflix series but tomorrow’s reactions on Twitter will make this episode feel like the last one Thor.

THIS EPISODE WAS EVERYTHING I NEEDED AND MORE. I speak as a Daredevil and Hulk fan. I need to see more?.
In fact, they really did an amazing job with his fight scenes. The one with the blue lightning bolt? For a second, I felt like I was watching the Netflix series.

In short, as you can see, it’s rather very positive. Obviously some people had trouble with this Disney version, but that obviously seems to be a minority. In particular in question an intimate scene between him and another character. Difficult to say more without going into the aggressive spoiler.

And you, what do you think of Disney’s vision of the Daredevil character?

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