Dakar Desert Rally: An Open world bigger than Germany is revealed

Dakar Desert Rally: An Open world bigger than Germany is revealed

Dakar Desert Rally returns with an episode in 2022. This time with more development time and above all a gigantic open world.

Saber Interactive returns with a Dakar game and this time the title takes advantage of 3 great years of development history to bring much more content between editions. The game should allow you to drive cars, motorcycles, quads, trucks or buggies with many models to choose from.

An impressive open world for Dakar Desert Rally

But the most impressive in terms of content lies in the open world which is located in Saudi Arabia. Since the country is reproduced on a scale of 1:5 (5 times smaller than the original) which in terms of proportions remains all the same bigger than a country like Germany, to get an idea. It is therefore one of the largest open worlds for a car game to date, simply titanic.

As you can see in the video above, the game is even quite pretty with the presence of many weather conditions that will change your grip and therefore necessarily your way of driving. The good news is that the game is for everyone since there are 3 game modes:

  • An easy-to-access arcade “sport” game mode with a not too aggressive AI, saves between each stage, etc.
  • A “Professional” game mode with realistic navigation, more expensive repairs, etc.
  • A “Simulation” game mode without saving during races with all difficulty sliders at maximum. True realistic navigation (visible in the video above).

The game is scheduled for October 4, 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

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