Cyrano de Bergerac: what scandal prevented Depardieu from winning an Oscar? – Cinema News


Cyrano de Bergerac is broadcast this evening on TMC, the opportunity to address a controversy which cost Gérard Depardieu the Oscar for best actor.

Who could have played Cyrano de Bergerac in place of Gérard Depardieu? No one, certainly! The talented and exuberant actor was perfect for the role of famous and turbulent cadet of Gascony. In 1990, the year the film was released, our national Gégé was already a superstar! Crowned with glory, he is preparing to conquer America, which nominates him for the Oscar for best actor for his performance in Cyrano.

Depardieu quickly became the darling of the American public, linking up TV shows and interviews. The adaptation of Edmond Rostand’s play by Jean-Paul Rappeneau fascinated the spectators and nothing seemed to stop the rise of the opulent Gégé. A few months earlier, the actor won the Best Actor Award at Cannes for this role; he confirms on March 9, 1991 by winning the Caesar at the 16th ceremony.

It is therefore logically a favorite for the Oscars celebration on March 25, 1991. The actor allows himself this luxury in the face of several sacred monsters. He is indeed nominated with Robert De Niro for L’Eveil, Jeremy Irons for The Von Bülow Mystery, Kevin Costner for Dancing with Wolves and Richard Harris for The Field. In addition, on January 19, Gégé has already won over the public by gleaning the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Comedy for his role in Green Card. He styled Johnny Depp for Edward with Silver Hands, Richard Gere for Pretty Woman or Patrick Swayze for Ghost.


Unfortunately, a simple translation error will shake up Gégé’s plans. True to his outspokenness, the artist tells a sordid episode in his story to Times magazine. He reveals that he witnessed a rape at the age of 9. The reporter then confused and used the English word “assisted”, which means “take part or help” instead of the word “attended”, which means “assisted”. It does not take more for a scandal to break out in the Land of Uncle Sam and totally discredit Depardieu. The actor may surround himself with a lawyer to make up for it, the damage is done.

Finally, it’s Jeremy Irons who wins the golden statuette. All this left a bitter taste in Depardieu, who would never succeed in an American career. He will play despite everything in the excellent 1492, Christophe Colomb by Ridley Scott in 1992 and the remake of My father this hero in 1994. He will then return definitively to the Country of Molière to continue his work.


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