Cyberpunk 2077 : the disaster of the launch worse than we think

The enormous setbacks of Cyberpunk 2077 at the release are they solely attributable to CD Projekt Red? No. New details about the QA studio’s liability have reportedly leaked.

This summer, a Youtube channel returned to the catastrophic launch of Cyberpunk 2077 with confidential information. If CD Projekt Red has its share of responsibility, a quality assurance company has been accused of having greatly participated in the sinking. And obviously, it goes much further than what we were able to read previously.

This studio that has done so much harm to Cyberpunk 2077

It is via a new survey of PC Gamer as we plunge back into the tumultuous development of Cyberpunk 2077. A colossal project that would have been partly sabotaged by Quantic Lab, a company responsible for eradicating bugs and ensuring the stability of the game, which would have had eyes bigger than its stomach.

Things would have deteriorated within Quantic Lab when the firm accepted two contracts in parallel: that of CP2077, and NBA 2K21 for which the testers were not even credited. Except that the problem is that it did not have the necessary capacity to carry out such projects at the same time. At the start of development, only 10 people would have had experience in quality assurance. And even for those, their experience would not have exceeded more than a year. It would even be one of the main lies told by Quantic Lab to CD Projekt Red not to be offside.

The Covid-19 and the difficult exchanges with the management of the Polish studio would have driven the point home. A former employee of Quantic Lab does not deny the involvement of his former box and even underlines that a more structured team would have caused less concern for CDPR.

I will not put the failure of Cyberpunk 2077 on the back of Quantic. CD Projekt Red released the damn game anyway. But Quantic contributed to the fact that the game was in this state.

Cyberpunk 2077  shipwreck

The art of lying…

Another employee insists on the many lies of Quantic Lab which, a priori, would have made an art of it. He makes it clear that outright lying about the size and experience of teams was common practice.

I was a lead customer-facing tester and I had to do this, lie about our team size. I’ve done this dozens of fuckin’ times.

But it goes further. The testers, regardless of their CV, had to report their bugs in the Jira Software software, even if it meant using the profiles of other employees. Indeed, employees would have been pushed to connect to the accounts of former colleagues, people who were sick or who were on other projects, to give the illusion that everything was going well with strong teams.

… and to kill its employees

The job of QA tester is not the most rewarding and rewarding, but at Quantic Lab, it seemed to be on another level again. Managers would have had the habit of scolding employees, even insulting them, for a staggering salary of €300 per month or €680 for a main tester. An amount deemed too low to live in Romania, where Quantic Lab is based.

In addition to admonishments and insults, being understaffed was apparently a habit on small projects, killing employees on the job for meager financial compensation.

On smaller projects, you were lucky to have at least half the testers. It was common to see entire projects handled by one person, when two to three testers were required, in addition to the main tester. Some lead testers were responsible for two or three projects at a time, with probably fewer testers assigned to each one than necessary.

Cyberpunk 2077 : the disaster of the launch worse than we think

Quantic Lab would also have had nothing to do with the pandemic, forcing employees at the bottom of the ladder to go to work, packed like sardines without being able to apply social distancing. The executives would have had a good life at home… All these points would have disgusted a video game employee and we imagine that he is not the only one. For its part, Quantic Lab had blamed other companies without naming them.

A new start

If all this had disastrous consequences for CD Projekt Red, there was also an electroshock effect. Cyberpunk 2077 has finally taken its head out of the water and is making a spectacular comeback. The developers promise not to make the same mistakes again to deliver a Cyberpunk 2 that ” torn up “. It is also said that in 2021, the Polish studio would not have renewed its collaboration with Quantic Lab.

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