Cyber ​​Monday 2022: Apple MacBook Pro 13 (M2) 8GB/256GB for €1,299

Cyber ​​Monday 2022: Apple MacBook Pro 13 (M2) 8GB/256GB for €1,299

The Apple Laptop, with the new M2 chip in 256 GB of storage, is now under the €1,300 mark at Amazon. This laptop is currently one of the best value for money.

Remark : This content is only valid for 8GB/256GB model.

For this MacBook, the Apple brand has simply taken over the chassis of the 2020 version, a version equipped with the M1 processor. Thus, Apple is mainly focusing on the performance of its new laptop.

The previous version of this Macbook Pro blew us away with the arrival of the M1 chip. But the current M2 integrated in the Macbook Pro of 2022 does even better: more powerful, the M2 is placed first on the podium of the most powerful processors of the moment.

The design of this machine has not changed one bit. It is identical to that of 2020. However, the quality of the finishes and especially of the screen is still excellent, despite the lack of connectivity present on this device.

Autonomy level, this MacBook is irreproachable. Apple’s recent laptops are known for their exceptional battery life. They are unbeatable when it comes to energy efficiency.

Highlights of the MacBook Pro 13 (M2)

  • Exceptional finishes.
  • Excellent performance of the M2.
  • Ventilation that rarely starts.
  • High-end screen.
  • Very durable autonomy.

The weak points of the MacBook Pro 13 (M2)

  • Lack of Face ID.
  • A little heavy for a 13 inch computer.
  • Edges a little too thick.
  • Webcam in 720p and not in 1080p.

The MacBook Pro 13 (M2) is now available at €1,299 on Amazon.

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