“Cruella is very dark for a Disney film” according to Emma Stone and Emma Thompson


After Glenn Close in the cinema, then Victoria Smurfit in the series “Once Upon a Time”, it is Emma Stone’s turn to lend her features to Cruella. In an origin story on which she returns with Emma Thompson, her opponent in the film.

There had been two films (including one where she teamed up with Gérard Depardieu). Then an appearance in the series Once Upon a Time. Today, Cruella is making her comeback in the flesh as Emma Stone, who succeeds Glenn Close and Victoria Smurfit in this origin story that tells how the shy Estella became the villain of 101 Dalmatians immortalized by the animated feature film released in 1961.

In front of the camera of Craig Gillespie (Me, Tonya) and thanks to a scenario co-written by the screenwriter of The Favorite, Tony McNamara, the actress gives herself to her heart’s content in this colorful role. And his face to face with the Baroness embodied by Emma Thompson sparks. On the screen as at a press conference, where the two actresses did not fail to do the show.

DashFUN: Were you surprised to see how much Disney allowed this film to be dark?
Emma Stone : Yes. I really feel like they left Craig [Gillespie] and Tony [McNamara, le co-scénariste, ndlr] write and do whatever they wanted. And the result is very dark for a Disney movie. Not up to being rated R either. [interdit aux moins de 17 ans non accompagnés aux États-Unis, ndlr], but it’s darker than I’ve seen in them for quite a while.

If Cruella existed before, the Baroness is a new character. And she’s both fabulous and a living nightmare: how did you bring her to life?
Emma thompson : I was inspired by life in general. And if my husband was present he would tell you “She didn’t have to play” (laughs) I had a lot of fun playing her, because it’s been several years that I claim to be able to play a bad guy, a real one. I spent years playing what my mom called “good women in dress”. There I’m still in a dress, but I’m mean. And what dresses for that matter! It was not me who wore them, it was the other way around.

Every time Emma and I got on set, we looked at each other and walked around, like we were works of art. And we were. In a way, everyone participated in the creation of the Baroness, and I just had to introduce myself and say my text (laughs)

I wouldn’t be able to play a character if I told myself that he’s just bad, that he’s just a bad guy.

What were the guidelines when wearing these amazing outfits? Could you sit down? Were you allowed to eat with it?
Emma Thompson: No, my underwear was like the rigging of a ship. With people pulling ropes. Going to the bathroom was therefore difficult and required several people. The shoes were a real challenge because in everyday life I wear nothing taller than flip flops. I also wore wigs, so I was taller than I actually am.

I also had to walk in and out of rooms, walking sideways, with three Dalmatians at my feet. So the underwear was something, but not for Stone, obviously. Because she is skinny and doesn’t need to wear a corset with all those whales.

Emma Stone: This is exactly what I was going to say (laughs) There was such a structure. As with your Marie-Antoinette look in your silver dress at the end. It was an intense level of disguise.

Emma Thompson: Yes but you are small and thin. While if you are plump, there is the solution of the time: you take the flesh and, like me, you squeeze it in the middle. It goes up and down like toothpaste in a tube. But it allows you to make pretty sharp shapes, and it’s fun.

Well, it’s not incredibly comfortable in the middle of the tube of toothpaste, but our awesome tailors and costumers, led by [la cheffe costumière] Jenny Beavan, had a good time putting on this corset and pulling it tight enough that bits of me were piling up on top of my outfit. Then they pulled again to press down, and pulled again. Oh my God, a real butcher shop (laughs)

What’s the craziest dress you wear in the movie? The one you were most proud of and in which you felt 100% Cruella.
Emma Stone: By far my favorite is the absolutely insane dress I wear on the garbage truck. With a train more than twelve meters long which was obviously not attached …

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