Cruella: Emma Stone would in turn consider suing Disney


After the announcement of the legal attack against Scarlett Johansson who accuses Disney of not having respected the terms of his contract by simultaneously releasing “Black Widow” in theaters and on Disney +, Emma Stone could in turn sue them for the same reasons with “Cruella”.

Cruella, Black Widow: in theaters and streaming

The Covid-19 pandemic has greatly upset the audiovisual ecosystem. On the front line: the cinemas which have paid a high price by remaining closed for long months. First, many blockbusters have been postponed. But given the scale of the pandemic which continues to handicap our life, Disney found a solution. To ensure their financial backing, the studio has decided to release some of their expected films directly on their Disney + streaming platform. So we could see coming Mulan, Drunk, or Luca directly online, without going through the large screen box. But that’s not all.

Mulan © Disney Studios

Two of their blockbusters were released simultaneously in theaters and on Disney + in premium access: Black widow and Cruella. The box office results were moreover clearly below of what one might expect from such hits. If economically, Disney is doing well (the films are offered on Disney + for $ 29.99), these simultaneous releases are not to everyone’s taste.

Scarlett Johansson and now Emma Stone?

Disney has followed suit, and Warner Bros. has followed suit by also announcing the simultaneous releases of all their blockbusters in theaters. and on HBO Max. But at the legal level, it seems more complicated. And Scarlett Johansson did not hesitate to stick a lawsuit to Disney for breach of contract. Indeed, when she signed her contract to play in the film, it was stipulated that her salary was indexed to tickets to the movie theaters. She is also an executive producer, therefore financially involved. And she is not the only one in this case. Emma Stone, star and producer of Cruella, would also consider suing Disney for the same reasons.

Cruella © Disney Studios

According to a former journalist from The Hollywood Reporter (via ScreenRant), Emma Stone “would assess her options” in order to counterattack. If this is confirmed, other personalities in the cinema could follow suit.

A few hours after the announcement made by representatives of Scarlett Johansson, Disney reacted by saying it was unfairly attacked given the complicated economic context facing the studio. A very meager argument who shouldn’t hold out if stars of Emma Stone’s caliber follow suit.

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