Crime Boss: gameplay for the game with Chuck Norris, it looks like Payday

Crime Boss: gameplay for the game with Chuck Norris, it looks like Payday

Michael Madsen (Kill Bill Volume 1 and 2, Reservoir Dogs, Les Huit Salopards…) took to the stage at the Game Awards 2022 to announce its participation in a new video game, Crime Boss: Rockay City. A title that today takes the time to reveal itself.

Six minutes of gameplay for Crime Boss: Rockay City

Michael Madsen, who already has a foot in video games thanks to GTA 3, Dishonored or even the adaptation of Reservoir Dogs, will therefore be on the poster for Crime Boss: Rockay City. A production that brings together a colorful cast with Chuck Norris, Kim Basinger, Danny Glover, Michael Rooke, Danny Glover and Vanilla Ice.

A “first person shooter and heist” which, as one might think, borrows heavily from another title of the same genre: Payday. The gameplay video shows four characters – Clutch, Mr. X, Stinger and Jupiter – sneaking inside a building to steal two statues.

After splitting up to liquidate the security guards, the group head to the vault door to blast it with C4. From there, they’ll set up a drill to open the vault, which will trigger an objective defense sequence with parading SWAT members. Not original for a penny, but if the sensations are nice and the actors do the job, why not.

Crime Boss: Rockay City will be released on March 28, 2023 but exclusively on PC via theEpic Games Store – a -20% discount is applied until launch. On consoles (PS5, Xbox Series X|S), we will have to wait for a release date, but it will be in 2023.

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