Counter-Strike GO: a $400,000 skin, really?

Counter-Strike GO: a $400,000 skin, really?

We know Counter-Strike is a golden opportunity for some to make money by selling skins. CS:GO cosmetics are among the most expensive on the market. But if these skins only cost tens or hundreds of dollars in the majority of cases, some seem to reach an outrageous price.

Counter-Strike and the $400,000 skin

We can thus learn that the Danish collector and founder of sells a Counter-Strike skin for $400,000.

I am selling the world n°1 661 ST MW 4xTT holo.

As the 661 was replaced by my Wild Lotus 4xR holo, I decided it needed to find a better home.

I accept offers over $400,000.

The man in question explains the price of this Counter-Strike skin by stating that it has the 661 pattern, which is highly coveted for its blue coloration. The cosmetic also has four Titan Holo stickers which are the most expensive in the game ($60,000 each). In any case, he seems quite confident that the skin will sell for this price based on recent sales.

Is that what we call progress? Just take a look at the Skinbid site to realize the delirious price of certain products. What to leave doubtful.

What do you think of this type of sales on Counter-Strike?

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