Conjuring 3: The Warren Spouses Confront the Devil in New Trailer


The French release of “Conjuring: Under the influence of the Devil” is fast approaching. Before June 9, Warner has just unveiled a new and final trailer that confronts the Warren spouses with an exceptional legal case.

Conjuring 3 : James Wan gives up his place

If the extended universe built around Conjuring has been developed for years, it’s still been 5 years since a main episode saw the light of day. This wait ends with the imminent release of the third episode, subtitled In the grip of the devil. No more James Wan behind the camera this time. It is Michael Chaves who takes his place, after having cut his teeth with The Curse of the White Lady. This change of director can obviously cause some concern, because James Wan has a science of directing that often hits the mark. We can nevertheless be reassured by seeing that he remains in the game as a producer.

An extraordinary true story

In this new adventure, the Warren spouses (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) will be faced with a destabilizing affair. After helping two families manhandled by a demonic force, they will take care of a historic case in the history of the United States. The scenario is still inspired by a true story and will evoke demon trial. In the early 1980s, a young man, Arne Johnson, was found guilty of killing a man. However, this act would have been imposed on him by a demon having taken possession of his body. The Warrens conducted their investigation to uncover the root of the matter and tried to defend the in court. This is the very first time in US history that demonic possession has been used to exonerate an inmate.

Conjuring: under the influence of the devil © Warner Bros.

Unlike two previous installments, this one looks more like a legal thriller than a pure horror ride. A formula that is reminiscent of The Exorcism of Emily Rose. The new and final trailer unveiled by Warner does not however dwell too much on the legal side to highlight moments of freaking out. Conjuring 3 hits US screens (and HBO Max) on June 4. France will in turn be able to discover it the following week, the June 9.

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