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With three feature films released in the space of seven years, and already five spin-offs, the “Conjuring” saga returns to make us tremble at regular intervals. But what does it have in store for us in the years to come?

Released on June 9 in our theaters, a few days after the United States (at the cinema and on HBO Max), Conjuring 3 confirmed the success of the saga with the public: the feature film directed by Michael Chaves has already garnered more than 112 million dollars worldwide and attracted 665,476 spectators for its first week of operation in France.

On paper, there is therefore no reason to want to end the saga launched in 2013, with the first Conjuring, which then gave birth to a handful of spin-offs. Including the Annabelles. But in reality, things are more blurry.

“I know that James [Wan] has other cases [des dossiers d’Ed et Lorraine Warren] up his sleeve “, explains Michael Chaves to Entertainment Weekly about the director of the first two Conjuring, who handed over to him and officiates as the producer and writer of the story on episode 3. “I think there are a lot of things he wants to explore.”

“This film showed how different the Conjuring films can be, and how they want to take risks and surprise audiences. I’ve heard about things they are developing and can’t wait to see what will happen. second, I’m a fan of the franchise first and foremost, so I’m excited to see what’s going to happen. “ At the moment, there are no concrete projects, but the possibilities are not lacking.


In its way of emphasizing the couple formed by Ed and Lorraine Warren (played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) and the love that unites them, Conjuring 3 can sound like a farewell. But the door remains open and the production will be spoiled for choice among the cases they’ve investigated that weren’t brought to the screen. Between the case of the werewolf Bill Ramsey or those of the Smur and Snedeker families, we had even listed four.

A rereading of the story of Amytiville is not to be ruled out either, even if the film would suffer from the fact that the affair has already given rise to several feature films, and that the haunted house side would repeat itself with the first Conjuring . Fortunately, there are other tales, and some might even offer a little new blood to the saga.

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When will we see Lorraine and Ed Warren again?


The first two Conjuring gave birth to four spin-offs: the three parts of Annabelle as well as The Nun, while The Curse of the White Lady is linked to the saga thanks to the character of Father Perez (Tony Amendola). There is therefore something to do without necessarily asking Ed and Lorraine Warren. But no concrete project for the moment.

The feature film dedicated to the terrifying Crooked Man, seen in Conjuring 2 seems to have fallen through. And a scene from 3 was cut following test screenings, when it had to introduce a demon who should then have had its own film, in the same way that the Nun had been added in post-production in the previous opus. In replacement of the creature initially envisaged but considered too little frightening.

However, one only needs to take a look at the artifacts stored at the Warrens’ to realize the potential that remains to be exploited. Although it seems unlikely that a fourth Annabelle will be offered to us, now that we have seen her origins and that the evil doll is locked in Ed and Lorraine’s house.

From Conjuring 3 to Annabelle, all the films of the horror saga in chronological order


And if. What if Conjuring 3 was indeed the last installment of the mother saga to be worn by Ed and Lorraine Warren, but it continued without them? Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga have certainly made it clear that they are ready to come back, but nothing is certain. The solution could then be to pass the torch on to their daughter Judy (seen as Sterling Jerins then McKenna Grace in the movies) and to her husband Tony, who have managed The Warren’s Occult Museum since their retirement. It remains to be seen whether they too were confronted with supernatural phenomena.

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