Company of Heroes 3: a trailer as stunning as a war movie

Company of Heroes 3: a trailer as stunning as a war movie

Company of Heroes 3 is surely one of the most anticipated strategy games to come. It must be said that the second episode was a real nugget and obviously this third installment seems to be taking the same path. Proof of this is this magnificent trailer worthy of a real war movie.

Company of Heroes 3, also on console

For the occasion of the Game Awards ceremony, SEGA seems to have gone all out on the budget with a pretty amazing trailer. But let’s not forget the “main” information of this one, namely that the game will also be released on home consoles, the PS5 and the Xbox Series in addition to PC. A nice surprise that will also allow you to relive the African and Italian Campaign with something other than the keyboard/mouse combo.

In addition, we were also able to discover (above) some gameplay of Company of Heroes 3 on console And if the game seems a bit less fine and pretty than on PC, it takes up all the positive aspects with its pause system, etc. With a mini redesign of the interface to help the player on the pad to find his way around. Because it is true that this type of game is generally thought only for the use of a mouse.

For the record, the game is scheduled for February 23, 2023 on PC and later (unspecified) on console.

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