Clem: the shooting of season 12 has started!


“Clem” is back with a season 12. And the good news is that filming has already started! Lucie Lucas, Thomas Chomel and Agustin Galiana will soon be back on TF1 with six new episodes. So what does this new season have in store for us?

Clem : filming begins!

Series Clem continues on TF1 to the delight of viewers, still loyal to the program after 11 seasons. The shooting of season 12 has started and will run for the rest of the summer. The success of season 11 and promising audiences pushed production to renew the series. Indeed, the results were good, since this last season was watched every Monday evening by an average of 3.45 million people.

Agustin Galiana who embodies Adrian in the series announced the start of the shooting of Clem season 12, this Tuesday July 21. The actor posted a photo on Instagram surrounded by all his playmates. We find Lucie Lucas (Clem), Joséphine Berry (Salomé), Thomas Chomel (Valentin), Loup-Denis Elion (Matthieu), Cristiana Reali (Nathalie), Elsa Houben (Victoire), Elina Solomon (Emma), Carole Richert (Marie-France), Jean Dell (Michel), and Rémi Pedevilla (Achille).

What awaits us

The cliché also teaches us the arrival of François-David Cardonnel (Research Section, The Bazaar of Charity). Although they are not present in the photo, we can see in the description the names of Marion Seclin (Clara) and Lily Nambininsoa (Izia). One thing is certain, you will have to be patient before discovering these six new episodes. In the meantime, Agustin Galiana gave some info to Allocine :

We will try to give the series a little more light by shooting during the summer. So as not to be wearing scarves and hats all the time (laughs). Clem is a light series at the base, which is somewhat reminiscent of Spain. We are the children of a Spanish woman after all. A little sun it can only do good for the series.

Clem © TF1 / Merlin Productions

This year, the authors have more focused on the main characters. We can therefore expect a certain evolution on the side of Valentin. According to the actor things will be more stable and the atmosphere much more solar. A program that has all the ingredients to boost morale!

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