Christmas promo: an excellent reduction on the Asus 4K screen!

Christmas promo: an excellent reduction on the Asus 4K screen!

It is now possible to afford a superb 4K screen without breaking the bank! Indeed, Amazon offers a nice discount on a high-quality Asus screen, which will largely meet your gaming expectations.

Superb promotion: the TUF 4K 28 “screen from Asus is on sale at Amazon!

You can find everything at Amazon, but the best argument of this online sales giant is its competitive prices. Today, it is a superb 4K screen from Asus which is available at a very competitive price.

The basic price of this screen is around 400 euros. However, thanks to Amazon, you can get it less than 300 euros, 289.99€ more exactly. An affordable price when you see the strengths of the Asus VG289Q1A, which has a 4K resolution worthy of a smart TV.

4K now accessible to gamers with the Asus TUF Gaming VG289Q1A

There are 2 types of gamers: those who are all about competition and performance and seek to scrape the slightest FPS, and those who give more importance to the beauty of the game, its resolution, its realism, but above all the immersion. The screen on sale today targets the second category.

The VG289Q1A is a 28″ monitor designed specifically for gaming. Although it’s not targeted at competitive gaming, it makes a big case when it comes to video games.

First, its 4K resolution will give you unparalleled immersion in your games. Then, thanks to HDR10, this screen will offer you unparalleled realism, perfect for the latest “Open World” games.

However, fluidity is not its strong point. The highest refresh rate it can achieve is only 60Hz. However, it can be compensated by the presence of AMD FreeSync and AdaptiveSync which can synchronize your graphics card and your screen.

To be able to exploit this screen to its maximum potential, you will need a fairly recent graphics card, such as the RX 6800 XT.

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