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Developed by Polish studio The Farm 51 (Get Even, Painkiller: Hell & Damnation, NecroVisioN), Chernobylite began its history as an internal studio project, without any publisher. To finance it, a Kickstarter campaign was also carried out in June 2019, in order to recover 100,000 dollars. Finally, more than 148,000 dollars will be pocketed by the studio in order to launch the construction site of this narrative RPG in view of the first person who takes place in the middle of the exclusion zone of the Chernobyl power plant, just like the legendary STALKER series. Moreover, to brush fans of post-apo atmosphere in the direction of the grain, the developers have widely communicated on the fact that certain prominent places in the area had been laser-scanned for absolute precision, the image of some. corners of the city of Pripyat. After 3 years of development inevitably shaken by the COVID-19 epidemic, the game is finally in our hands: here is our verdict.

In Chernobylitis, the player plays Igor Khymynuk, a physicist who was employed at the Chernobyl plant in 1986 when the famous nuclear accident in April took place. But during this tragedy, Igor lost his wife Tatyana who mysteriously vanished. Following many dreams and nightmares that are a little too realistic, Igor therefore decides to return to the scene of the tragedy 30 years later, in order to find out, finally, where his wife has gone. Unfortunately, the first lap in the heart of the power plant ends badly, and Igor realizes that he is going to need help before he can try his luck again. This is where the player comes in, whose role will be to transform Igor into a real hardened Stalker, the head of a first-rate team, in order to be able to go find his sweetheart.

Concretely, the game will be divided between days spent surveying the various sectors of the exclusion zone in search of resources, potential recruits, and clues as to what may have happened to Tatyana; while the evenings will be spent crafting and boosting our skills. Indeed, we will have to transform the warehouse that serves as our hideout into a real weapons factory, double as a charming hotel. Thanks to our harvest of the day, we will be able to build a lot of equipment, whether it is tools (to unlock the best benches), or workbenches to assemble weapons and their upgrades, ammunition, breastplates to protect oneself, first aid kits or even electric groups. The problem is that no one likes to live in the middle of an arms factory, and it will also be necessary to make everything comfortable to boost the morale of our staff.


Each team member will have a satisfaction gauge which will depend on the comfort of our base, and the food. Thus, it will be crucial to be able to feed our compresses properly, but also to transform our warehouse into a cozy little nest. Partitions, air purifiers, anti-radiation systems, king size beds, television, green plants and soft armchairs will be all places where we will have to use our resources to ensure the loyalty of our sidekicks. The latter are also particularly important, since they will be able to entrust us with missions to fulfill, but also to improve our skills in exchange for our points of expertise. A revolver that hurts more, more discreet movements, or even more resource-saving crafting will be imperative to get by during the adventure, and each character will have his specificities.

The problem is that at the start of the journey we will only be accompanied by a single character, who could quite let us down if we take too many decisions that don’t please him. Likewise, depending on our adventure and our choices during the different days, we may or may not meet certain companions. The objective is to have ideally 5 team members, in order to be able to fulfill all the roles during the great final mission. The more we manage to grow the ranks of our team, the more we will be able to boost Igor’s skills in various fields, which will prove to be crucial in order to be able to calmly consider the end of the game. Because if the first days in the area are like a nice walk in the forest, the more time passes, the more the area will be hostile. The NAR soldiers will thus be more numerous and much better equipped, while the number of monsters and other mutants will literally explode. Worse, adverse weather phenomena such as thunderstorms created by Chernobylite (a mysterious substance that takes the form of green crystals, and which will be at the heart of the plot) will also multiply. Finally, know that here death is entirely part of the gameplay, since each death, we will find ourselves in an alternative dimension where it will be possible to modify all the choices made from the start of the game, with a few crystals of Chernobylite.

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