Chainsaw Man: why is it the anime not to be missed this year?

A must-see new anime is looming on Crunchyroll. In 2016, Tatsuki Fujimoto made a place for himself in the manga world by delivering his disillusioned and psychotic vision of the post-apocalyptic with Fire Punch. The work mixed genres and raw subjects, all subverted by the mangaka.

Two years later, he did it again with Chainsaw Man, a brutal seinen published in the famous magazine Shonen Jump, home of One Piece, Dragon Ball, Naruto. In just a few years, it has become one of the most popular manga of the new generation. Where the majority of other works reach heights of popularity thanks to their adaptation on the small screen, Chainsaw Man follows the opposite trend.

With more than 750,000 copies sold in France alone in just 11 volumes, it ranked in the top 10 best-selling manga in Japan last year. A success that will continue to grow with the broadcast of season 1 of Chainsaw Man, available from October 11, 2022 on Crunchyroll. We explain to you why it is the anime not to be missed this year.

Why is Chainsaw Man such a phenomenon?

In this busy time for anime fans, dozens of productions are released on streaming platforms. Between new seasons and novelties, it is possible to miss some nuggets. Already very popular among fans of the genre but unknown to the general public, Chainsaw Man has everything to establish itself as the essential adaptation of this end of the year. In 2021 alone, it was already the seventh most distributed manga in the Archipelago with more than five million copies sold. popularity comparable to Demon Slayer or Jujutsu Kaisen that the work owes in large part to its raw history, its singular universe, often turning into gore.

Chainsaw Man takes place in an alternative world close to ours where humans rub shoulders with demons created by their own fears and anxieties. The stronger these feelings, the more powerful the generated creatures are and easily torture poor little humans. To combat this new threat, the Devil Hunters have emerged. These demon eradication specialists are usually endowed with supernatural powers which some of them acquire by making pacts with lesser demons. Denji, the archetypal failure in society, inherits his father’s debts. To repay them, he allies himself with Pochita, his chainsaw dog, who helps him become one of the members of this special anti-demon section. Thus was born the famous Chainsaw Man, who is about to experience an eventful year punctuated by tough confrontations.

Anime Chainsaw Man Crunchyroll

This background plot takes on a whole new dimension as the stakes rise and the story spins at breakneck speed. What makes the manga so special is the author’s attraction to writing the desperate bonds between the various characters, their burning desires and their tortured personal stories, and telling them with dark humor and cynicism. as we like them. The evolution of this endearing cast in its own way, punctuated by fights of exquisite quality, is the beating heart of this work which acts as a UFO in the columns of Shonen Jump. Chainsaw Man does not hesitate to play with the codes of the magazine’s formula, wrung out over the years, to better subvert and deconstruct them to deliver a more down-to-earth, visceral and brutal vision.

Exceptional talents to bring this ruthless universe to life

To give life to this deconstruction of the codes of the shonen and the carnage of the fights, one of the most prestigious studios in the industry is in charge: MAPPA. A name known for Jujutsu Kaisen and the last season of Attack on Titan which promises a high quality adaptation and a work of goldsmith for the animations and the choreographies. The animation giant has also surrounded itself with exceptional talent to ensure the show.

Chainsaw Man season 1 Crunchyroll

The Chainsaw Man anime has been handed over to big names in the industry starting with Ryu Nakayama who worked wonders on Jujutsu Kaisen and Rising of the Shield Hero. He is supported by Tatsuya Yoshihara (Black Clover, BlazBlue Alter Memory) as action director, Yusuke Takeda (Berserk: The Golden Arc, Ghost in the Shell: SAC) for the artistic part. Spearhead of the anime, the audio part was overseen by Kensuke Ushio (Devilman Crybaby, A Silent Voice). The opening, KICK BACK, is signed Kenshi Yonezu, while the anime will have the particularity of offering 12 different endings, all offered by a different artist.

An anime without concession and without censorship

It’s more about the brutality of the artwork that readers expect the Chainsaw Man anime to turn around. Graphic violence and troubled sexuality are often at the heart of the plots. The manga constantly delights fans with fights of unparalleled quality where the sensation of speed takes readers’ breath away. It’s a delicious disproportionate chaos where blood and limbs burst everywhere, a real ode to carnage. And the adaptation will not be in the lace either.

Anime Chainsaw Man Crunchyroll

MAPPA has confirmed multiple times that the anime will not be censored and all these characteristics should be intact in order to keep the work’s no-holds-barred approach. ” We want the content to be as raw as the manga. We’re not going to censor anything. We want to stay as faithful as possible to the original material said Manabu Otsuka, president of the studio. The charm of Chainsaw Man, of his joyfully messy battles and his infernal carnage, should therefore be the same for the anime, as gore and bloody as the manga. All signals are green to discover this phenomenon which shreds everything in its path in the best possible conditions. It will be available from October 11, 2022 exclusively on Crunchyroll.

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