Centaurworld on Netflix: from what age to see this animated series between My Little Pony and The Wizard of Oz? – News Series on TV


New animated series for children on Netflix, Centaurworld relies on a colorful world, original characters and catchy music to seduce young audiences.

Recommended from 8 years old – Currently on Netflix

• Once upon a time : Centaurworld tells the story of how a mare leaves a world at war to find herself in a strange land where a motley crowd of funny song-loving centaurs lives. Desperate to return home, she befriends some of these magical creatures and sets out on an even more difficult adventure than she has experienced before on the battlefield.

• What they will love: Centaurworld is an original and colorful animated series very feel good. The ultra-polished animation makes the characters endearing and softens the tragedy that befalls the mare, who has been separated from her date and unwillingly locked into a rainbow-colored world filled with sassy centaurs.


Besides the quality of the animation, it is the brilliantly written and performed music, worthy of the best Disney / Pixar, which will charm children. The series manages to navigate between drama and humor with intelligence and delivers intelligent and playful messages with a lot of rhythm and liveliness.

The horde of centaurs that the mare will be brought up to use a certain magic that will enchant and make the children laugh. Showrunner Megan Nicole Dong knows a thing or two about horses and magic since she was a screenwriter on My Little Pony. She succeeds in infusing Centaurworld with an atmosphere of the Wizard of Oz with this farandole of wacky characters in search of novelties and adventures.


The epic adventures that await the mare and her new accomplices are full of twists and turns of situations that will captivate and amaze young audiences as the twenty episodes make up the first season of Centaurworld.

• What may worry them: The characters can be disturbing at first sight since they have strange and atypical shapes. But their candid and naive sides make them extremely likable and endearing. The context of the war against horrible monsters which the rider and her mount are confronted with can frighten the little ones but the older ones will know how to handle this kind of battle scenes.


• What they will keep inside: Quirky, funny and original, Centaurworld is a series that delivers a beautiful message about the power of friendship and the importance of benevolence and tolerance towards difference. The crazy adventure of this endearing gang will instill the courage to face the unknown and the desire to stand up for what is right.

By following the course of the mare, who will extricate herself from her prejudices to accept her new knowledge as they are, forge real bonds of friendship and open up to a more diverse and colorful world, children will have a beautiful example of sharing, solidarity and acceptance.

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