Candyman: a new trailer for the remake


One of the most famous boogeyman of the horror genre is set to make his return in 2021. “Candyman” is revealed a little more in this second trailer which promises to be more than a film of jitters and gore .

Candyman: Be my victim

Between the 80s and 90s, horror movies gave birth to many killers who became stars of the big screen, by dint of cinematographic sequels and murders, each more spectacular than the next. Michael Myers, Jason Voorhes, Freddy Krueger, Pinhead or even Chucky have become essential pop-cultural characters in the collective unconscious. Among them, we can also add Candyman, this repulsive ghost who murders you violently with a hook if you dare to pronounce his name five times in front of your mirror.

Born from the imagination of the writer Clive Barker who stages it in the short story The Forbidden, Candyman had a first film adaptation in 1992. Directed by Bernard Rose and starring Tony Todd, the film is a great success that leaves room for more or less forgettable sequels.

Almost twenty years after the release of the third film, Jordan Peele decides to resuscitate the franchise with a new installment that only takes into account the events of the first installment. It must be said that since its success with Get out, the director-scriptwriter-producer has become the spearhead of a new horror cinema that is much more political in its themes. Although he is only credited with the script, this Candyman 2021 is clearly in the vein of its previous productions.

A new trailer that shivers down your spine

The first trailer for Candyman flirted between pure horror and poetry via a very nice version of the Say my name by Destiny’s Child. For this second trailer, the images are much more shocking. The movie directed by Nia DaCosta (Little woods and soon The Marvels, Following Captain marvel) thus mixes murder scenes, contemplative images of the Cabrini Green neighborhood, and an eminently militant subtext. We see it from the first seconds with this voice-over which mingles with images reminiscent of the multiple cases of police violence in the United States.

Candyman © Universal Pictures

Candyman will therefore not be just a horror film capitalizing on the return of the scary Tony Todd. It will also be a question of the generational heritage of a minority as well as the gentrification of certain neighborhoods. As a reminder, this “sequel-remake” will follow Anthony McCoy (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II), a painter in need of inspiration who lives in Chicago with his wife Brianna Cartwright (Teyonah Parris), director of an art gallery. One day, the artist discovers the legend of Candyman and his terrifying misdeeds told for years by some residents of the Cabrini Green neighborhood. This will then inspire him for his paintings. Only, in parallel, his new muse is also making him gradually lose his mind.

A film ready to panic the box office?

In view of these new images, Candyman seems to be a very promising feature film. It arrives especially in a period when horror cinema seems to work in theaters, after their long closure following the Covid-19 pandemic. Indeed, Without a sound 2 broke box office records, while Conjuring 3 drew many spectators from its opening weekend.

Scheduled for August 25, Candyman could also be a hit in theaters, therefore. We will have to wait a bit to find out what it is.

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