Call of Duty Warzone 2: tactical guide to know everything before the release

As Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 smashes records, Warzone 2 is about to land on PS5, Xbox Series, PC, PS4 and Xbox One. And if the title follows in the footsteps of the previous episode, it will also include a whole host of new features. We go around.

Warzone 2 launch time

call of duty warzone 2 will be available in France from November 16 from 6 p.m. on all platforms. Plan all the same a lot of memory on your machine since the critter weighs a ton. Fortunately, the pre-download of the game has been available since November 14, 7 p.m.

  • Launch date and time: November 16, 6 p.m. (France)
  • Pre-download date and time: from November 14, 7 p.m. (France)

What does not change: the essence of Battle Royale

In Warzone 2, it will always be a question of facing a hundred players to emerge victorious from the battle. We will once again be alone or in a squad (depending on the game mode) and parachuted into a huge map. Once on the ground, it will obviously be necessary to recover equipment. But also find enemies to liquidate while keeping an eye on the combat zone which will gradually shrink. You can always rely on the presence of weapon caches, contracts and supply stations to buy bonuses. Of course, many vehicles will also be there. It will always be possible to prepare custom classes (2 weapons, 4 advantages, 2 tactical and deadly equipment) to try to recover them once in combat and thus take the advantage.

What’s changing: All the new gameplay features in Warzone 2

With the desire to revise its recipe, Infinity Ward has decided to add a whole bunch of new things.

  • Backpack and inventory management

Warzone 2 will now incorporate a backpack (like in Modern Warfare 2’s Special Operation mode) in which players can store their offensive, defensive items and ammo. When they die, the fighters lose their weapons, as well as their bag. Players will then have to take the time to search them instead of just picking up the items on the ground. As much to say to you that it will be necessary to do that quickly and well while being in cover.

  • Managing custom classes

If as in Warzone first of the name, you will be able to prepare your personalized classes and recover them in strategic drops, in Warzone 2, you will now be able to purchase your weapons directly from Supply Stations. It will, in fact, be possible to prepare different personalized weapons beforehand and then find them in the shop. Note that strategic drops will no longer be available in stores as before. You will finally be able to get your hands on your precious cargo in specific places guarded by the AI, the strongholds (see below).

  • New parkour moves available

As in MW2’s multiplayer, you will now have the ability to cling to a wall, or ledge, without completely climbing it. Perfect for shooting cover or sneaking a peek. It will also be possible to fight under water with certain weapons (pistols and SMG in mind), and even to make special executions if the stars are aligned and especially if the opponent is near water.

  • Vehicles, damage and fuel management

This is also a first in Warzone 2, all vehicles will have a fuel gauge in order to limit the anarchic movements of the players. As for a PUBG, it will now be mandatory to keep an eye on the tank and look for fuel to refuel. Fortunately, you will be able to find jerry cans on the battlefield, and even gas stations. These will also be used to repair damage to your vehicles.

  • Proximity voice chat and real-time squad expansion

In-game voice chat will also be back. This time, however, not only will your squad be able to hear you, but also nearby enemies. Which, in addition to enhancing immersion, can also help you take advantage of enemies who speak too loudly. It will of course also be possible to set ambushes by attracting overly curious players. New on the other hand, you will now be able to group together with other players to inflate your squad in real time. However, this option will only remain available for certain game modes of Warzone 2 and DMZ mode.

  • Questioning and calling for help

Now, in squad modes, when you knock an enemy down, you’ll have the choice of either meleeing them or interrogating them. This second option will allow you to know the position of the rest of the squad directly on your mini map. On the other hand, the questioned person will be able to call for help and reveal the position of his attacker to his squad. So be sure to weigh the pros and cons carefully.

Warzone 2 Interrogation

AI, Strongholds and Dark Sites

Victims of rumors since long before the official announcement of the game, bastions are one of the great novelties of this game. Warzone 2. These highly fortified locations are guarded by an entire AI-controlled and heavily armed militia. But defeating those units and scavenging fortresses is also a great way to get your hands on some great loot, including custom weapon crates that give you quick access to your own weapon classes.
“No sacrifice, no victory” as Witwicky would say.

The Black Sites, on the other hand, are even more difficult fortresses to take. These locations hide legendary weaponry and special weapon blueprints. But aside from over-equipped AI defenders, Dark Sites will only be accessible to squads that manage to get their hands on a specific key. The latter will be given as a reward for liberating certain strongholds. It’s not an easy task, but it could be worth it.

The Gulag completely revisited

Unmissable meeting of Warzone, the gulag here takes on a whole new dimension. Now, when you are eliminated from the battlefield for the first time, you land in a 2v2 arena (instead of the traditional 1v1). The duos will then have to face each other in a fast-paced deathmatch with random weapons. Powerful gear will also be found in the center of the map, and a deadly AI-run enemy, the Jailer, will join the party soon after the fight begins to further speed up the tempo. Unlike the Gulag of Warzone 1that of Warzone 2 can lead to several results:

  • One of the duos is downed: returns the winning duo to the battlefield
  • The jailer is eliminated: the 4 players return to battle
  • If none of the duos is eliminated and the jailer is alive at the end of the timer: all players are killed
Warzone 2 Gulag

Warzone 2: complete map and shrinkage of the combat zone

Known for quite some time, the map of Warzone 2 takes place in the Middle East in the fictional region of Al Mazrah. The area will be mostly arid. It will be made up of a good number of isolated localities, steep environments, but also points of interest. Some will also be inspired by several classic multiplayer maps from Modern Warfare games.
In addition, multiplayer mode players Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 will be able to find several maps of the game. Different of them come directly from the map of this new Warzone.

You can also find an overview of each point of interest directly on the official blog at this address.

  • Al Bagra Fortress
  • Embassy
  • Zarqwa Hydroelectric
  • Tarak
  • Sariff Bay
  • Sa’id

As is customary in battle royale, a combat zone will be delimited from the outset. Over time, the latter shrinks to refocus the clashes and all players outside the zone will be eliminated. In Warzone 2, however, there is a new subtlety to consider. At a certain stage of the game, the combat zone may be divided into several circles. Players will then have to compete in different locations. But at the end of the game, these circles will merge together to become one. Know that you will also be able to shoot down your opponents from one circle to another by playing with long-range weapons.

Warzone 2 full map

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