Call of Duty MW2: the face of an iconic character revealed

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 seems very popular with players and inevitably many are those who want to know more about future content and thus analyze the game’s data, on the lookout for the slightest change in the line of codes. Well, following the work of astute dataminers, it looks like Simon “Ghost” Riley, the man behind the mask, is showing his face.

Drop the masks! Call of Duty.

In Modern Warfare 2 , Ghost is an iconic and quite charismatic character. He’s been made legendary by his legacy in the COD series for over a decade, with his first appearance back in 2009. It’s kind of, if you will, the Boba Fett of call of duty.

It is therefore quite amusing to note that the face of Ghost which was found in the abyss of the files of Modern Warfare 2, revealed not the face of a man ravaged by war but that of a very youthful man with “beautiful baby skin” as pointed out by Tom Henderson.

Ghost without a mask in Call of Duty.

This can obviously be explained by the fact that the interpreter of Ghost in call of duty is none other than the face of Samuel Roukin, the character’s voice actor in the franchises Modern Warfare and Warzone. It is also amusing to note that the man also played in the role of Snatcher in the saga Harry Potterone of the members of a group of bounty hunters working on behalf of Voldemort.

Another mystery solved.

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