Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: here’s what season 1 has in store for you

The very good Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has just unveiled its entire Season 1. Enough to drown in new content, explanations!

As expected, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 works on a system of seasons, just to have the longest possible lifespan. And the least we can say is that the first of them is quite massive, with the key to good “surprises”.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Season 1

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Less than a month after its launch, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will therefore receive a major update, season 1. Among the novelties we will be able in particular enjoy two remastered maps of the cult game Modern Warfare (2019). These include in particular shoot house and Shipment. The first is set in the jungles south of Las Almas and the second takes place on a freighter in the middle of a storm. Something to bring back painful memories.

The Raid mod for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

This content update will also integrate the Raid mode which offers PvE missions. Just like in the missions of Spec Ops, this will extend the plot of the Narrative Campaign. It should be a three-player co-op experience that requires teamwork. Mandatory cooperation therefore.

A new Special Ops mission

Cooperation is definitely at the center of this season 1 with a new mission called High Ground. Except that this is a 2-player mission.

Successfully find and destroy enemy comms servers to locate and extract three hard drives containing vital enemy information. One operator will be tasked with piloting an attack helicopter to clear dangerous landmines, while the other will work with AI allies as part of a ground assault team to infiltrate buildings containing mines. enemy equipment.

Hardcore Mode

Quite criticized for its absence when the game was released, the famous difficulty mode will finally land in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 To our greatest delight.

New operators and new weapons

  • Chimera Assault Rifle—Bruen Ops Platform (Mid-Season)
  • M13B Assault Rifle—Bruen Ops Platform (Launch)
  • Victus XMR Sniper Rifle—Imperatorium Platform (Battle Pass)
  • BAS-P SMG—Bruen Ops Platform (Battle Pass)

Two Operators by the name of Gaz and Klaus are in Season 1 and 1 other by the name of Zeus is available in the Battle Pass. Finally during the Modern Warfare FC event, you can recruit three great football stars as an operator, namely: Pogba, Messi and Neymar Jr. A whole program.

The Battle Pass

A Battle Pass that changes from previous episodes:

In the seasons of Modern Warfare (2019)the Battle Pass system offered players a collection of free items, including functional weapons and points call of duty simply by playing the game. This gave our community visibility into the content they were earning or purchasing, with the ability to upgrade and access over 100 items, including a new operator, blueprints weapons, and more.

In Season 01, we’re introducing an all-new iteration of the Battle Pass with a host of innovations – players will have more choice and more agency than ever before.

Instead of a linear stream of levels arranged in a scrolling row at the bottom of your screen, your Battle Pass takes the form of a multi-sector map. Players will unlock items using Battle Token level skips earned on this map, which is themed in the current season. Each map has at least 20 sectors with five items in each sector – tokens can be used to unlock adjacent sectors or earn more items in an unlocked sector.

Warzone 2.0

Surely the most anticipated event, the Warzone mode will launch alongside Season 1. The mode should be revealed in more detail next week (at the writing of this news). It will be a good opportunity to discover a brand new map called Al Mazrah and located in the Middle East.

The Gulag will also undergo many changes:

The Gulag will be a 2v2 environment where randomly paired duos must coordinate to eliminate their opposition. All players will receive a preset loadout – at launch it will be a Pistol or Shotgun, a Lethal Grenade, and a Tactical Grenade – with highly effective weapons and gear placed towards the center of the map.

The Gulag will also include a Jailer, who will appear mid-match to help speed up the fight. Defeating the Jailer will bring all four Gulag prisoners back into the battle royale, which poses a dilemma: do the two duos agree to wait and fight this powerful enemy together, or does one of them get greedy? and try to go for the victory by elimination?

We’ll give you more details about Warzone next week. But be aware that a new game mode in Warzone is also planned, it is the DMZ:

DMZ is a story-driven, open-world mining mode where squads of Operators are given free rein to complete faction-based missions, complete secondary objectives, engage in combat with enemy Operators or fighters controlled by AI and search for valuables, while struggling to survive and achieve exfiltration.

In short, we should have enough peace of mind for several months in terms of content. Everything is expected for November 16 on each of the media.

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