Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: an unlikely mode and expected nerfs

Available since the end of October, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 literally blew up Activison’s counters by smashing all records. Real hen with golden eggs, the developers are taking care and are preparing to lay a first big patch for season 1.

Expected balances, football mode and a ton of fixes

With its Reloaded patch, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0 add a totally improbable new game mode, the Warzone Cup, a Rocket League with sauce call of duty. We replace the colored cars with quads, we put soldiers in them and we throw everything into a football stadium. The special FIFA World Cup event will be available from December 14 and will allow you to win several exclusive rewards. Besides, you can still take advantage of the skin packs in the colors of legendary footballers Pogba, Messi and Neymar if you feel like it.

Along with this surprising addition, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0 are taking advantage of this big patch to review their user interface and above all to balance themselves out a bit. You will soon have no more reason to rage against the Kastov 74u or the Anti-Riot Shield since the latter take a nerve to force them into the ranks, and that is not so bad. We will also note adjustments to the vehicles and a lot of bug fixes of all kinds.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Warzone 2.0, Rocket League mode

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0 Reloaded Season 1 patch notes

  • General
    • The XP tokens menu has been changed to show the time left on your XP tokens right in the menu.
    • XP Tokens can now be equipped in the pause menu during gameplay.
    • XP Tokens can no longer be accidentally activated during Double XP events.
    • Players who join a game in progress will no longer suffer defeat if their team loses the game.
    • Attachments now have a tune icon on them in the preview, indicating which can be tuned and which cannot.
    • Finishers now count towards the 30 kills of the daily third-person challenge in Special Ops.
    • Operator bios are no longer cut off.
    • Acquiring a new blueprint will now display a flashing dot next to the associated weapon in Gunsmith.
    • Players will no longer see a black screen on some platforms when trying to purchase CP.
    • Various issues with unlocking and progressing weapons and attachments have been fixed, including the display of stats.
  • Social
    • HUB Social and Friends tabs merged together.
    • Player card widgets are smaller for friends.
    • Added support for bulk sending of friend requests.
    • Fixed various bugs affecting group join and/or invite functionality.
    • Switched to Grid mode when scrolling through the friends list.
  • Various
    • Camera positions on Operators have been adjusted for better positioning with UI
    • Sort Filter Adjustments
    • Fixed browser so it no longer scrolls when not full.
    • Fixed an issue with Character Cards not appearing in the Players Showcase after they set them.
    • Fixed an issue where players were not sorting correctly by progress in the Player Browser.
    • Hides empty accessory slots when inspecting weapons
    • Adjusted member list states (muted, open mic, connected, etc.) to be clearer
    • Adjusted text message states in game chat
    • Players in the member list will now be split by team in lobbies
    • Fixed an issue where lobby players could still be heard when connected to a custom channel
    • Added the ability to text chat with members of the “Group”


  • P890 Akimb, X12 and Basilisk and .50 GS received damage reduction against armored opponents
  • Fixed an issue that caused shotguns to inconsistently display the broken armor marker
  • Kastov-74u
    • Small reduction in close range damage; three shots to kill require at least one chest shot
  • M13B
    • Locking the launcher under the barrel and the shotgun on the 7″ Bruen B-M20 barrel
  • Kastov 545
    • Increased muzzle velocity
    • Small decrease in hip spread
    • Increases close damage
    • Increased chest damage multiplier
  • MX9
    • Increased movement speed, ADS speed and sprint speed to fire the 32 round magazine
  • VEL 46
    • Reduced spread on hip fire
    • Increased movement speed
    • Increased distant damage
  • Basilisk
    • Stuck Basilisk Compensators and Flash Hider on FTAC ARROW Barrel
    • Added use of muzzle mount on FTAC ARROW barrel: LOCKSHOT KT85, SA LEVELER 55, CRONEN DARK KX30
  • 50GS
    • Reduced spread in hip fire
    • Increased headshot max damage range
    • Increased overall damage range
    • Increased neck and upper shoulder damage multipliers
    • Increased bullet speed
    • Increased the damage range on the gun SA LONGSHOT – 50 and SA TYRANT FIFTY
  • Shotguns can no longer kill fully armored players in a single shot
  • Expedite 12
    • Guard category added:
      • TV Guard CF40
      • AZ-40 Fighter Guard
      • AZAROV T15
  • Riot Shield
    • Reduced movement speed
    • Reduced melee damage
    • Improved shield movement animation
    • Longer time to remove Throwing Knife when Riot Shield is equipped
  • JOKR
    • Missiles no longer land out of bounds when targeting a wall at the edge of a map
    • Improved thermal readability when aiming
  • Vehicles
    • Reduced collision damage taken by the Heavy Chopper, especially when landing.
    • Increases UTV health and damage resistance.
    • Increased fall damage on ATV and UTV.
    • Added custom turret rotation speed for APC, Light Tank and Heavy Tank.
    • Increased AI damage to both LTV builds.
    • Reduced distance boats can be steered when fully out of the water
    • Adjusted vehicle exits to limit chance of not being able to exit on steep slopes
    • Players will no longer get the “out of bounds” countdown timer when picking up a vehicle from an enemy’s restricted area in Ground War and driving out of the area
    • Fixed an issue where the player would continue to see the countdown if they got into a vehicle just outside the area

You will finally find some adjustments related to the DMZ mode and a mountain of bug fixes directly on the dedicated post from the official site. Note also that all changes also apply to the Warzone 2.0 mode.

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