Call of Duty in danger on PlayStation? Xbox makes a new offer

Call of Duty in danger on PlayStation? Xbox makes a new offer

While the takeover of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft is the subject of more in-depth investigations in several territories, Xbox is trying to remove a big thorn from its side: Call of Duty. The manufacturer formulated a better deal at PlayStation just recently.

PlayStation could keep Call of Duty for…

For the takeover of Activision Blizzard to be validated, sixteen countries will have to approve it. A sizeable acquisition which, for the moment, is being scrutinized more closely by the United States, Great Britain and the European Union. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia and Brazil have chosen to give their approval without further investigation.

One of the hot topics, at the heart of a feud between Xbox and PlayStation, is Call of Duty. Basically, Microsoft had offered Sony to leave the franchise on its consoles for three more years, compared to the contract that exists today, which did not suit the latter. According to New York Times, the Redmond firm therefore returned on November 11 with another proposal: to release Call of Duty games on PlayStation machines for 10 years. Did they agree? Sony declined to comment on the information.

Towards a “lifetime” deal?

According to Phil Spencer, the boss of Xbox, Call of Duty is not a real subject since mobile games like Candy Crush are the real target of the manufacturer in this takeover. An interview in which he also said:

I think the idea of ​​writing a contract that says “forever” is a little ridiculous, but I have no problem making a longer-term commitment that would be fine with Sony and the regulators.

We estimate that CoD will remain on PlayStation consoles for as long as gamers want to play it on those platforms and it is not a competitive threat to Sony.

Could this 10-year deal suit PlayStation? It is not said. With the possible end of the annualization of Call of Duty, and therefore a lower number of CoD games, this duration could be considered insufficient. On the side of Windows Central, journalist Jez Corden believes that Sony basically wants to prevent any takeover. True or not, the soap opera is far from over. And meanwhile, Bobby Kotick is still in place, quiet in his office…

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