Call of Duty: all the games available for free on the PS Plus?

Call of Duty: all the games available for free on the PS Plus?

To validate its takeover of Activision Blizzard, Microsoft would have made another proposal to PlayStation. That of being able to put Call of Duty games on the PS Plus.

Towards shared custody for Call of Duty with games on PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass?

Call of Duty games coming soon to PS Plus?

Although confident about its acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Microsoft knows that it must make concessions, especially after the confirmation of a lawsuit from the FTC which could torpedo the deal. The US antitrust authority is particularly concerned about the impact this would have on competition, particularly if a successful cross-platform franchise like Call of Duty becomes an exclusive.

The Redmond firm is therefore seeking all possible compromises vis-à-vis this license which brings in a lot of money and would have approached PlayStation with a new offer. After the promise to leave CoD games on Sony consoles for 10 years, Microsoft would like the Japanese manufacturer to be able to put Call of Duty on the PS Plus. At launch? Several months later? No details on that.

An idea which, if it materializes, would nullify an argument of the FTC:

Xbox maker would gain control over top franchises, which would allow it to harm competition in the field of high-performance game consoles and subscription services by denying or degrading rivals’ access to its popular content.

Given the amount of money generated by the series at PlayStation, this offer may not be suitable. According Bloomberg (via VGC), which circulates this information, Sony would still not have accepted an agreement and would rather continue to work for a cancellation of this controversial takeover.

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