Breaking Bad : a game à la GTA 5 almost saw the light of day

And if Breaking Bad had been adapted into a video game what would that have given? To believe the creator of the series, it could have been in the vein of GTA 5. It is in any case what was planned.

It is one of the most acclaimed series of recent years. Breaking Bad became a monument of television and its spin-off Better Call Saul is on course to meet the same fate. It is almost surprising that AMC did not want to surf more than that on its success. And yet, the creator of the series wanted to make a game Breaking Bad with GTA sauce.

When the creator of Breaking Bad wanted a game like GTA

A game Breaking Bad in the open world of the type of GTA 5? Vince Gilligan, creator of the series, was in on it. In an interview with the “Inside the Gilliverse” podcast, the director and screenwriter explained that a video game adaptation in this universe had been considered. Several tracks would have been proposed, including his own: a game similar to GTA. If this did not finally happen, he does not budge. ” It always makes sense to do such a project. Obviously, he would have liked Rockstar oversees the game in question.

Breaking Bad  GTA

A PSVR title was also in the works at one point, but that ultimately didn’t happen. In total, the team wrote three or four games Breaking Bad different but none ever came out. Developing such projects it’s complicated and it’s expensive he explains. Will an adaptation still see the light of day? He kicks into touch and invites fans to temper their expectations. A player had all the same given a preview of what would give Breaking Bad in open world. It’s sure, given the richness of the universe and the writing with small onions, it makes you want.

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