Bloodborne PS5: Bluepoint Games may have a great gift for you

Before the GOTY Elden Ring, FromSoftware has conquered PS4 players with a new exclusive license: Bloodborne. A game acclaimed by critics and the general public, which however has still not benefited from a patch on PS5 or a port on PC. Fans cherish the sweet dream of being able to explore the Underworld in 60 FPS and/or 4K, and a greeting card from a PlayStation developer has revived the hopes of some. Has Bloodborne PS5 been teased ?

Bloodborne PS5 teased by Bluepoint Games?

Bloodborne PS5 is still on everyone’s lips. Not because the official Sony account made an awkward post on social media, but because Bluepoint Games plays with the fragile little hearts of fans. The Texas firm has indeed shared its annual greeting card which tease his next project. There are four well-wrapped gifts at the foot of the tree. One depicts the Shadow of the Colossus Remastered they developed on PS4, one the equally impressive Demon’s Souls Remake available at PS5 launch, the other God of War Ragnarok on which they lent a hand at Santa Monica Studio and the last one… that’s the big secret.

Bloodborne PS5

However, it was enough for the Web to ignite again and see it as an omen for Bloodborne PS5. The studio having only worked on PlayStation exclusives lately, players are bound to see this as a sign. « Bloodborne PS5 is coming guys “, writes a user while another outbids” Please let this be the Bloodborne remaster. Others, on the other hand, think that the box symbolizes a certain Metal Gear Solid Remake which is the subject of many rumors. Bluepoint Games has indeed confirmed that it is currently working on “a remake of a popular license”, as well as on a brand new original franchise in parallel. We will most certainly be fixed next year.

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