Bloodborne 2: PlayStation has big plans for FromSoftware

Bloodborne 2: PlayStation has big plans for FromSoftware

After investing again in FromSoftware, PlayStation is talking about this merger that could go beyond video games. Finally a hope for Bloodborne 2?

The huge jump in PlayStation’s stake in the FromSoftware studio (Elden Ring) is absolutely not innocent. Several projects should be born from this relationship and it is not excluded that one of them is Bloodborne 2.

A PS5 Bloodborne 2 game, a port or a movie?

Like Tencent, Sony Interactivement Entertainment has seriously strengthened its place within FromSoftware. Now the builder owns 16.25% of the studio’s shares compared to 1.93% in 2021. And if the company is spending money, it’s not for nothing.

What are the goals? Seize all possible opportunities for collaboration between the two companies, with video games at the heart of the equation.

You should think about collaborations first and foremost from a game development perspective, but it’s also not out of the question to explore other opportunities with PlayStation Productions.

All dreams are therefore allowed, even the craziest like a Bloodborne 2 on PS5 or a remake of the first episode, especially since FromSoftware has various projects in the pipeline. And why not also a film or a series on the franchise?

Of course, this could also lead to a partnership outside Bloodborne such as the creation of a new franchise, or adaptations in films or TV programs Dark Souls, Demon’s Souls or Elden Ring. The latest fashionable game from the Japanese studio also has transmedia desires.

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