Blizzard: big change on the side of World of Warcraft

Blizzard: big change on the side of World of Warcraft

Six years after announcing his departure from Blizzard Entertainment and his retirement from the video game industry generally, Chris Metzen, a longtime Blizzard veteran, returns to the company as Creative Advisor for the Warcraft franchise.

A man much appreciated by Blizzard fans

Metzen’s departure from Blizzard in 2016 came as a shock to many fans. At that time he had worked for the company for 23 years, serving as head writer and senior vice president of development. So much so that over the years he’s become a familiar face at BlizzCons. It was a bit of Mr. Warcraft always happy to announce something on the subject. His arrival in the box is therefore surprising news, especially after 6 years of retirement.

It was Warcraft franchise general manager John Hight who revealed the big news about Twitter.

Chris will initially focus on World of Warcraft at Blizzard, then his work will expand to other projects in this growing franchise. Chris was one of the original team members working on the Warcraft universe when it debuted in 1994, and we’re so happy to reunite him with the world he helped create.

This is good news because Blizzard has been a bit of a shadow of itself for some time, with the gradual departure of studio veterans. The return of a former player will undoubtedly have a positive impact to give a creative boost, with perhaps the opportunity to thrill fans again, nostalgic for the former Blizzard and its Golden Age. .

What do you think of Chris Metzen’s return to Blizzard?

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