Blade Runner: the sequel to 2049 will be in series

Blade Runner: the sequel to 2049 will be in series

The 1982 film Blade Runner is considered by many to be a cult film. Knowing this, Amazon wants to launch a series. This is what we know.

After being revived by Denis Villeneuve via blade runner 2049, it would seem that the future of the science fiction license is bright since it is the giant Amazon that will take care of it. After the Lord of the Rings, the company of Jeff Bezos seems to want to chain expensive productions.

Blade Runner 2099

This series in preparation bears the name of Blade Runner 2099 that is 50 years after the events of 2049. There is therefore little chance of seeing the character of Ryan Gosling again and even less of Harrison Ford if not perhaps through a flashback or an easter egg.

Ridley Scott himself (behind the original feature film) will be there and will participate in the project as an executive producer. Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson, co-CEOs and co-founders of Alcon Entertainment (in production of the film 2049) declare :

We recognize that we have a very high bar to reach with this next installment. All together we hope to be able to delight the public with the next generation of Blade Runner.

The ambition is therefore great and Amazon specifies that it wants to keep what makes the charm of the saga, so as not to make it a tasteless product.

Blade Runner 2099 will maintain the intellect, themes and spirit of its predecessors

In the writing we will also find Silka Louisa behind the series Halo and behind the very recent Apple series Shining Girl. In short, for the moment the first information is reassuring, obviously remains to be seen if the graphic universe (the other charm of the saga) will also be respected. Because a good story is good, but a good story with beautiful environments is even better.

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