Black Widow: Scarlett Johansson files a complaint against Disney


Long uncertain, the release of “Black Widow” was made in theaters here. In several countries, the film also finished on the Disney + platform. This displeased Scarlett Johansson, prompting her to file a complaint against the studio for breach of her contract.

Black widow : first feature film of phase 4

We remember, at the heart of the pandemic, that the case of Black widow has been commented on endlessly. Everyone was wondering if Marvel was going to dare to release the film on Disney + to avoid waiting for theaters to walk properly. A lack of going to the cinema would have been a bad signal sent to the public. It could have been understood that this piece of the MCU was not important enough and could support a passage directly on the platform. As a reminder, the events reported in Black widow allow you to learn more on Natasha Romanoff’s past, long before she died in Endgame. The film offers the opportunity to Scarlett Johansson to camp the heroine one last time and to introduce the new Black Widow: Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh).

Black widow © Marvel Studios

In France, the film was released in theaters. But this is not the case everywhere else in the world. In the United States and in several countries, the move to the bill was accompanied by a simultaneous release on Disney +, in Premier Access. So those who wanted (and could) had to shell out an additional $ 29.99 to see the movie in their living room. With us, the chronology of the media prevents such a maneuver, which forced the studio to fall back only on the rooms.

Scarlett Johansson attacks Disney

The Wall Street Journal reports that uploading to Disney + is not to Scarlett Johansson’s liking at all. The practice even goes against what is stipulated in its contract. The actress would have decided not to let it go and to file a complaint. Which is totally in her right, because the agreement she signed guaranteed that Black widow was to be released exclusively in theaters. A condition that mattered to her, because her salary was influenced by box office results.

Releasing at the same time on Disney + is bound to result in lower theatrical revenue, and by extension Scarlett Johansson will earn less than she might have expected. Given the context and this hybrid release, the film only pays $ 318 million thanks to theaters. A score much lower than other MCU productions. The actress is not expected to reprise her role in the future and this complaint is not the end of story we expected.

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