Black Panther 3: already a new film in preparation?

Black Panther 3: already a new film in preparation?

Is a Black Panther 3 in the works when the second Wakanda Forever movie has just been released in theaters? Marvel Studios and the director respond!

The MCU movie schedule is brewing well in advance, and the name Black Panther 3 is already flying around. Has the project started? Is Marvel Studios ready to go on forever without Chadwick Boseman?

The Black Panther 3 site validated by the management of Marvel?

Black Panther Wakanda Forever was released this Wednesday in French theaters and it’s already a big hit. On its first day of operation, this sequel attracted a total of 243,470 spectators. A score in very clear progression since the previous feature film had achieved 178,202 admissions. People are therefore coming back to the cinema, which bodes well for Avatar 2.

Analysts believe that in the United States, Wakanda Forever could generate $200 million in one weekend. We will see it very quickly since it will be broadcast this Friday, November 11 on American soil.

Can such a start give ideas to Marvel Studios? Yes, very clearly. Kevin Feige, president of the company and architect of the MCU, has revealed that he has started discussions with director Ryan Coogler for Black Panther 3. Concrete ideas have even been exchanged between the two, but they still have to come to fruition.

What is certain is that Kevin Feige does not seem ready to draw a line under Wakanda. Fans will surely be delighted with the news.

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