BLACK FRIDAY: The end of the PS5 “shortage”

BLACK FRIDAY: The end of the PS5 "shortage"

Next gen consoles from Sony are back this Black Friday. A listing on Amazon can help you get it.

Two years ago, one of Sony’s most anticipated consoles was released: the PS5 Standard Edition. Very coveted, the console in question quickly ended up being out of stock. To date, getting a PS5 remains very complicated. So what is the reason?

The Covid-19 pandemic experienced by the world has delayed the production of certain electronic parts essential for the proper functioning of the PS5, which has limited Sony’s stocks and, thus, increased the scarcity of this product. On this Black Friday, it is now possible to reserve a PS5 on the e-commerce leader, Amazon.

How to get a PS5 on Amazon?

The out of stock of the console is, alas, still relevant. However, it is possible to make a reservation on Amazon. Indeed, Jeff Bezos’ company suggests that its subscribers register on the platform in order to “request an invitation”. Subsequently, the platform will proceed to the verification of your account, an operation which takes into consideration several factors.

However, the waiting time remains impossible to predict, because the console is, even today, very little available. If all goes well and you are selected, you will receive an email allowing you to order your PS5, which you will receive within three days. Unfortunately, due to inflation, the Japanese giant Sony announced an increase of 50 euros on the price of the PS5. It goes from €499.99 to €549.99. If you are seduced by this console which has lost none of its charm since its release, increase your possibilities of acquiring it through Amazon. It won’t cost you anything!

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