Black Friday: The controllers of Xbox Series X at an unbeatable price!

Black Friday: The controllers of Xbox Series X at an unbeatable price!

On this Black Friday, the giant Microsoft offers the controllers of its latest consoles Xbox Series X/S at an incredibly low price, with a discount of €20 per pair.

Every November, Black Friday returns with offers that are tempting to say the least. This time, he comes with several of these offers that cause a lot of noise on the Net. Offers of up to -80% on all kinds of items: phones, televisions and an infinite number of high-tech products!

Bill Gates’ company has decided, on this occasion, to significantly lower the prices of its official controllers by offering, as of now, a 17% reduction on the two most coveted models (Robot White and Carbon Black). And it’s on the FNAC website that it’s happening! The basic model, which is all black, is available on the occasion of this Black Friday, from 49.99 euros instead of 59.99 euros in normal times. The Robot White is available at the same price, with a 10 euro discount per controller!

Note that these official controllers are the latest versions. They accompanied the release of Microsoft’s Next gen consoles in 2020.

The best controllers on the market for this Black Friday!

Needless to say, the controllers in question are highly appreciated by the DashFUN communities, thanks to their pleasant grip which is due to the non-slip material present on the triggers and on the back of the controller.

And one of the best arguments of these controllers is, without doubt, the personalization thanks to Xbox Accessories. It is now possible to fully customize the buttons on your controller, as it is also possible to connect a headset thanks to its 3.5mm jack to be even more immersed in your video games.

They offer an autonomy of 40 hours! Enough to do several long gaming sessions, whether on the console, your PC or even your phone, because, icing on the cake, it is compatible with IOS AND Android.

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