Black Friday Samsung: 34% discount on the Galaxy Z Flip 3!

Black Friday Samsung: 34% discount on the Galaxy Z Flip 3!

Who said smartphones don’t bend? Samsung takes up the challenge by launching the first foldable smartphone: the Galaxy Z Flip! If some quickly ran to buy it as soon as it was released, others still remained reluctant about this concept.

If you too were curious to try this smartphone with a futuristic design, good news! On the occasion of Black Friday, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and sold at least 34% on Darty! This little gem from Samsung is one of the brand’s most expensive smartphones. Rumor has it that Samsung does not approve of the new price given to its Smartphone at all…

Galaxy Z Flip 3: its price folded in half for Black Friday

With its old flip phone design and latest generation smartphone AMOLED panel, the Samsung Galaxy Flip 3 is the perfect combo of modernity and vintage. If some found it uninteresting, the curious would take advantage of Black Friday to afford it. You should know that the Flip 3 was released just before the latest model in the range, which is the Galaxy Flip 4.

If it is not the most recent model, this smartphone has all the characteristics of a great one. Its initial price is 1000 euros, but it will be sold at only 699 euros thanks to a 34% discount on Darty on the occasion of Black Friday. So, if you too are tempted to test this modern-day clamshell smartphone, don’t wait any longer! Direction Darty before the end of the stock!

Against all expectations, the Galaxy Flip 3 is a solid and compact smartphone!

With its advantageous features, everything suggests that the Galaxy Flip 3 is Samsung’s latest smartphone. It has a Full HD+ AMOLED display, is 5G compatible, has 128GB storage and 8GB RAM.

Featuring a collapsible foldable POLED display, this smartphone is like any other when unfolded. All the tests carried out to test its solidity are very conclusive: even after a total of 418,506 folding and unfolding, the Smartphone is still functional. When folded, the Galaxy Flip 3 lets you access your notifications through its 1.9-inch screen. It is even possible to take pictures without unfolding it.

That’s not all, the Galaxy Flip 3 is also an excellent Smartphone for the gaming community, thanks to its very powerful processor which is the Snapdragon 888. On the photo side, the device has a main sensor of 12 mpx and a 10MP front sensor, which is enough to take beautiful shots. However, what is criticized for the Galaxy Flip 3 is its reduced autonomy. With a battery of only 3300 mAh, the smartphone struggles to last more than a day. In intensive use, it can’t last more than a morning, which is very unfortunate for a smartphone of such performance.

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