Black Friday Bose: headphones identical to the QC 45 sold at -50% on Amazon

Black Friday Bose: headphones identical to the QC 45 sold at -50% on Amazon

Black Friday is a good opportunity to take advantage of great offers on quality audio equipment like these Bose headphones.

Last September, the Bose brand launched its latest headphones: the QC SE. This is, except for a few details, similar to the brand’s best-seller, the QC45. And yet, in terms of price, there is a big difference between the two models.

Although it is the most recent model of the brand, the Bose QC SE headphones are sold, on the occasion of Black Friday, at a really low price on Amazon.

The Bose QC SE: new bestseller in perspective

Although only recently released, the QC SE headset is, indeed, less than 50% off its original price. It is now sold for less than 200 euros on the Amazon platform. Needless to point out that the helmet had never been sold at such a low price before. However, its characteristics are identical to those of the QC 45 whose price is almost double: 399 euros. The only difference to note is that the QC SE has a soft case. Little known by the public, this helmet is however the piece to shop at the moment.

Thanks to its “active noise reduction” feature, you can listen to music without being disturbed by outside sounds. However, the strong point of this helmet remains its battery. It can offer up to 24 hours of battery life for only 2 and a half hours of charging. So you can use your helmet even during long trips without having to worry about its autonomy.

In addition to its internal characteristics, we note that the Bose QC SE headphones are comfortable and pleasant to wear. Indeed, it perfectly matches the shape of the skull.

Why is it easy to succumb to the tempting offer of Bose headphones?

As you may have understood, the new Bose QC SE headphones are a high-end model. It performs well and offers good sound quality, excellent battery life, and fast charging.

Sold at only 199 euros, we can say that it is by far the best choice of the year in terms of audio device. You can buy it for your personal use, or give it to someone close to you for Christmas. In addition to offering you the best headphones on the market at a very affordable price, Amazon is committed to applying a money-back guarantee valid until January 31, 2023. Thus, you will have until this date to return the product if you are not satisfied with it.

And that’s not all ! By ordering the Bose QC SE headphones on Amazon, you will be entitled to free delivery everywhere in France. The manufacturer also undertakes to offer a 2-year warranty on the product. So if you’re looking for quality audio at a reasonable price, all you have to do is head over to Amazon before it runs out.

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