Black Friday 2022: the selection of items at -80%

Black Friday 2022: the selection of items at -80%

Finally D-Day! It’s officially Black Friday! If the tradition is that it is today that we launch the promos, Amazon has done otherwise by revealing its promotions before the hour. It was the same on Cdiscount and on the Fnac site. These three e-commerce giants have launched surprising promotions on many recent high-tech products.

As every year, Black Friday takes place on the last Friday of November. On November 25, 2022, promotions are published by the hundreds on e-merchant sites, such as Amazon and AliExpress. But this year, it’s Amazon that wins out over its competitors, with its incredible discounts that have ignited the web since the beginning of the month. With its flash sales, discounts on recent products and extended return times, Amazon is undoubtedly the first e-commerce where you should do your Black Friday shopping.

Black Friday: the offers not to be missed!

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Black Friday: a flagship event

The Black Friday tradition has been around for a long time, but this year the event has taken on an unprecedented scale, thanks in part to Amazon. The e-commerce site took the event to heart so much that everything led to believe that he was the inventor. Despite the fact that this is not the case, let us remember however that it was Amazon who launched this concept for the first time in France. The e-merchant therefore knows how to stand out from its competitors on this occasion.

But it’s not just Amazon that is interested in the premium event of the year. Cdiscount, Aliexpress, Darty and many others also participated with attractive promotions. The advantage with Black Friday is that it is accessible to everyone. Indeed, no site requires its customers to subscribe to loyalty programs in order to take advantage of promotions. Therefore, even if you have never made a purchase on the sites in question, you can take advantage of the flash sales, contests and promotions offered. This is also why this event is highly coveted around the world.

But Black Friday is not like winter sales or other mundane promotions. For this occasion, high-end products are offered for sale, at discounted prices. It is not a question of emptying the stocks of unsold items, but rather of surprising the consumer with premium products cheaper than usual. During Black Friday, it will be the opportunity for you to buy the latest game console, a high-performance PC or even the latest iPhone from Apple, at more than reasonable prices.

Who is the best e-commerce site for the event?

This year for Black Friday, it would be difficult to say which e-merchant takes first place on the podium. Everyone outdid themselves to make the event one of the most memorable of the year. Admittedly, Amazon has been able to get noticed with its nuggets, such as the iPhone 13, 14 or the Bose QC 45 and QC SE headphones, at prices much more affordable than those of the manufacturers.

Nevertheless, it must be said what he has, Cdiscount has also worked hard. It offers many Apple-branded SKUs, like the Airs pods Pro, at prices we haven’t seen anywhere else before. This one also followed Amazon in its momentum by offering exceptional discounts on the iPhone 13. There are also many other branded electronic devices at reduced prices, especially during flash sales. Just like Amazon, Cdiscount started discounts more than 2 weeks ago, in order to benefit a good number of its customers.

Aliexpress meanwhile, was discreet for the event, but launched since yesterday breathtaking promotions. This e-commerce giant is saving its best discounts for today. It offers discounts on many high-end Asian brand products, among them bestsellers. In particular, you can find the famous Smartphone Redmi Note 11, at a price broken in half!

With all the efforts made by these e-commerce sites, it is difficult to choose the best one. However, we can say that they all contributed to making this event one of the most appreciated and coveted in France, as well as everywhere else. With their crazy promotions, their very soft return conditions and their free delivery, there is no doubt that they all deserve the title of best Black Friday e-merchant. So, what are you waiting for to start shopping online?

A premium event for premium customers

During Black Friday, it was not just the promotions that were advantageous this year. The major e-commerce sites wanted to make the event more than pleasant for their customers, by offering them exceptional advantages in terms of purchasing conditions. First of all, all without exception offer free home delivery for any purchase made during Black Friday.

Regarding the return period, this is set at 14 days for the most part. During this period, the customer will be free to exchange his item or request a refund. Amazon is setting the bar very high with its deadline of January 31. It is followed by Cdiscount, which offers the possibility of return until January 8, 2022. This way, you can shop with peace of mind, given that you have a long period to claim a refund.

It will therefore be stress-free and pressure-free that you will be able to choose your Christmas gifts on these two online merchants. In case of any problem, you can always rectify the situation. If the gift does not please the recipient, for example, you will be able to offer something else by making a return. It will also be an opportunity for you to have fun. You will finally be able to have that high-tech, overpriced product that you have been coveting so much. The luckiest have already taken advantage of flash sales and other reductions offered by Amazon and Cdiscount for more than ten days.

Notice to latecomers: the Black Friday event will end today. So what are you waiting for, head to e-commerce sites to find the best nuggets from Amazon, Cdiscount and Aliexpress!

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