Black Adam : a $200 million turnip? The first reviews are here

Black Adam : a $200 million turnip? The first reviews are here

By dint of trying to run behind the MCU, the DC Universe risks running out of steam. While Warner Bros announced several upcoming films including The Batman 2 and The Flash 2, the first opinions fell for Black Adam. Does the adaptation worn by Dwayne Johnson live up to expectations? It’s not famous.

Mixed reviews for Black Adam

Black Adam should he too have been sacrificed on the altar of tax compensation like the movie Batgirl? According to the first returns, no doubt. From the first sessions, the film starring the superhero played by Dwayne Johnson has accumulated bad reviews, from the press and spectators. On Rotten Tomatoes, the new DC production only has a score of 55% compared to 85% for The Batman and 71% for Justice League. On social media, those who attended the preview are equally mixed.

Mixed feelings after watching Black Adam. Feels like watching 2 movies in one. The film oscillates between the MCU recipe and the legacy of Snyder. Action level you will be served. Epic times and awkward times, really weird “, writes for example a user. Others are more enthusiastic: the film Black Adam is amazing, the special effects, the script, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a good DC movie. As always, the best way to form an opinion is to go and see it yourself. Black Adam is now available in theaters and according to its actor, it paves the way for Phase 1 of the DCEU.

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