Bioshock 4: excellent news, the scenario is in good hands

Bioshock 4: excellent news, the scenario is in good hands

Bioshock 4 is no longer a secret to anyone, but the game remains very discreet about its development. We know, however, that the Cloud Chamber studio is recruiting, and not just anyone.

Announced around 2019, Bioshock 4 hasn’t given any official news since and fans are forced to settle for a few rumors here and there. It is said, for example, that the game could take place in a new fictional city in the middle of Antarctica or that the chosen period would target the 60s. But for now, nothing concrete. However, Take-Two decided to strengthen the ranks of Cloud Chamber by recruiting an expert in narration, a former employee of Ubisoft.

Bioshock 4 recruits a new feather

This is Liz Albl, Head of Narrative who has worked a lot at Ubisoft on titles like Watch Dogs Legion, Far Cry 4 and 5but also at Sucker Punch where she was able to work on Ghost of Tsushima. Suffice to say that the screenwriter knows what she is talking about and that the narrative aspect of this Bioshock 4 is in good hands. The young woman announced the good news on her social networks, saying she was particularly happy to join the Bioshock adventure, “a dream”.

If that doesn’t tell us anything more about the game itself, we can only be reassured to see industry veterans joining the project. The first Bioshock trilogy is renowned for its complex and surprising scenarios, and it would seem that this Bioshock 4 is about to follow the same path. Moreover, this one should also be added to the story of the previous three, but here too these are only rumors.

Finally, note the upcoming arrival of a live-action Bioshock film produced by Netflix in partnership with Take-Two. The project will be directed by Francis Lawrence, to whom we owe the saga The Hunger Games and written by Michael Green, screenwriter of blade runner 2049 or from the series American Gods. For now, however, we have no information about the cast, and nothing about the scenario either. There too, the mystery is complete.

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