Beyond Good & Evil 2 holds the saddest record in video game history

Beyond Good & Evil 2 holds the saddest record in video game history

We expected it at Ubisoft Forward, in vain. The Arlesian Beyond Good & Evil 2 is talking about her again today, but not as the fans hoped. She officially holds one of the saddest records in video games.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 dethrones Duke Nukem Forever

Beyond Good & Evil 2 has been teased for the first time 14 years ago. It thus became the video game with the longest period of development in the industry. A sad record, which allows him to dethrone the aptly named and infamous Duke Nukem Forever. The title of Gearbox had indeed been announced in 1997 to be released only in 2011. 5156 days of waiting for the fans which led to a completely failed title.

Since the first announcement of the Arlesian from Ubisoft, three generations of consoles have followed one another. These are all technological developments to be apprehended within the teams, all coupled with accusations of toxic working conditions. Since the departure of Michel Ancel in 2020, the development of Beyond Good & Evil 2 would finally be on the right track. Let’s hope that the arrival of Sarah Arellano and other talents finally allows Ubisoft to overcome creative issues. One thing is certain, the game is not dead and was even playable. In any case, we wish him a better destiny than Duke Nukem Forever or even FF15 which disappointed a large number of players.

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