Bethesda: a special event for the beginning of March? What to expect ?

Bethesda: a special event for the beginning of March? What to expect ?

We now know that an Xbox conference will take place on Wednesday January 25 on the side of Microsoft with obviously also the presence of Bethesda. The opportunity to see the publisher’s long-awaited titles like red fall Where Minecraft Legends. But according to insider Tom Henderson, who needs no introduction, another side event later in early March is also planned. If he does not know yet if this one will be public or for the press, it should be the opportunity to focus on two games in particular.

A Bethesda event for two games

According to the own sources of theinitiatedthe March special event is only expected to include two games namely red fall and The Elder Scrolls Online and not a whole cascade of titles like that will be for the Xbox conference today (January 25 at the writing of this news). red fall would be released on May 2 and the March event would therefore be an opportunity to formalize all this with content, most likely gameplay.

Regarding the update of The Elder Scrolls Onlinethe event in early March suggests that the update should be expected around that time, but other sources also suggest that the big update of the year is just a few months away and will likely arrive in the summer.

Whether red fall comes out well on May 2, it will indeed be time to start the marketing machine for Bethesda. We can for example imagine a quick trailer for today and something more substantial with potentially previews for the month of March. Or simply a longer sequence of gameplay, because for the time being the functioning of the FPS is still a little unclear. Except that it should have some commonalities with Back 4 Blood in particular thanks to its strong cooperative potential.

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