Bayonetta Origins should surprise fans on all levels

Bayonetta Origins should surprise fans on all levels

Bayonetta Origins should totally free itself from the main license by offering something totally different.

Expected to hit Nintendo Switch in early 2023, Bayonetta Origins will mark the return of PlatinumGames’ beloved witch, except this time it will be drastically different from what fans are used to. On its official website, the studio returned to this new adventure which should mark a turning point in the series by offering an action adventure game far from the main episodes.

Bayonetta Origins, the story in the form of a fairy tale

Hideki Kamiya and Abebe Tanari, the two people at the head of the project, unveiled some new elements of the game, in particular by returning to the direction that this game will take. Bayonetta Origins. We learn for example that the game is actually developed by a whole new team of PlatinumGames, and a handful of veterans. Additionally, the game will feature the Bayonetta that all fans know from her “tender” childhood, and Kamiya says it should satisfy hardcore fans of the franchise and newcomers alike. A gateway to the series in short.

Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon is a very new game for PlatinumGames, made by a team of ambitious young developers with only a few veterans to help them out. The protagonist of Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon is a young apprentice witch named Cereza. And yes, it is indeed our Cereza, our Bayonetta to us. The game offers a whole new experience, unlike anything seen in previous Bayonettas so far. We created Bayonetta Origins in the hopes that fans of the series will enjoy this unique version of their favorite badass heroine. But we also strive to provide an unforgettable experience for players who are not necessarily used to action games, or even players who are unfamiliar with the Bayonetta series.

Hideki Kamiya

A game for everyone therefore, which should also surprise fans by lifting the veil on a good number of secrets of the beauty. We will follow Cereza’s first steps as a witch and we will be able to see her summon her very first Cheshire demon, which will also be an important element of the game. Bayonetta before she became the seasoned, confident witch we all know.

What went through her head the first time she tried to summon a demon? How did Cereza grow up and take her first steps to becoming a full-fledged witch while being accompanied by her demon? The answers to these questions are all in this Bayonetta Origins written by Kamiya.
Instead of having a stunning new game worthy of an action-packed Hollywood movie, this time we’re focusing on telling an intimate story in a fairy tale-inspired world illustrated in pastel colors. We’ve done our best to make Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon an unforgettable experience like the tales it’s based on.

Abebe Tinari

Bayonetta Origins will therefore arrive exclusively on Nintendo Switch from March 2023. Besides, if you want to know what the game looks like and you already own Bayonetta 3, know that a secret chapter of Bayonetta Origins can be unlocked there. To find out how, you can take a look at our dedicated article.

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