Bayonetta 3: the developers finally come out of their silence

Bayonetta 3: the developers finally come out of their silence

PlatinumGames breaks its silence. A few days after the scandal of Bayonetta 3, the creators of the game finally speak out on the replacement of the original actress.

The controversy around Bayonetta 3 begins to deflate. The original Witch actress had called for a boycott of the Switch exclusive, saying PlatinumGames had insulted her person and her profession by offering a ridiculous amount of money for her to reprise the role. Statements that quickly made the rounds of the Web, before taking an unexpected turn. Today, the Japanese studio finally reacts and speaks on the subject.

PlatinumGames reacts to the controversy around Bayonetta 3

After a few stormy days, the call for calm. In Bayonetta 3, Jennifer Hale (Mass Effect) takes up the torch following a disagreement between the original voice actress and PlatinumGames. During the announcement, the studio clarified that she had not been able to return to her role following a “schedule” conflict. A few days later, the actress took to social networks by storm, claiming that only $4,000 had been offered to her for the entire game. In the process, her replacement spoke out on the subject and several investigations denied his statements. Hellena Taylor would have liked a six-figure sum, which PlatinumGames refused. This was not enough to calm the spirits and the two actresses each find themselves the victim of harassment. The creators of Bayonetta 3 finally express themselves on the controversy.

The PlatinumGames team sincerely thanks everyone who has helped create the Bayonetta series over the years, as well as the community that has served as its foundation. We give our full support to Jennifer Hale as the new Bayonetta, and we endorse everything she said in her statement. We ask everyone to refrain from any further comments that would disrespect Jennifer or any other contributors to the series.

The developers are therefore seeking to calm things down in an attempt to put an end to the harassment, on one side or the other. Several fans of the series had indeed harassed Jennifer Hale for taking over the role. The original voice was particularly scathing and said: ” I created this voice, she is not allowed to sign products as Bayonetta. »

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