Bayonetta 3: sequels? The creators have completely crazy plans

Bayonetta 3: sequels? The creators have completely crazy plans

Do you like Bayonetta? So much the better, because the beauty could well keep you company for many, many years.

Silent for years, the Bayonetta license had a real revival in 2022 with a particularly well-received Bayonetta 3 and was even crowned at the Game Awards. Moreover, during the Geoff Keighley show, a new game was announced and according to Hideki Kamiya, vice-president of Platinum Games, we will be eating Bayonetta for a while.

Bayonetta 3 would be the first of a looooong series

Because yes, in addition to Bayonetta Origins, which will arrive in March 2023, Kamiya declares to IGN that he has the idea of ​​making at least two other main games to follow up on Bayonetta 3. The fourth and fifth episode of the franchise will also soon be presented to the studio according to him. Better still, at Platinum Games we are talking about nine new games, just that.

Personally, I can’t imagine the Bayonetta series ever ending. I want to make a Bayonetta 4 and a Bayonetta 5, and I intend to present them to the company. We often talk internally about how we could make it new.

Via IGN Japan

As a bonus, spin-offs, like Bayonetta Origins, are under consideration. Kamiya, for example, dreams of an adventure entirely devoted to Jeanne, Bayonetta’s accomplice. The latter could therefore quite have the right to her solo game in the near future, although nothing can confirm it yet. As enthusiastic as he is, Hideki Kamiya will necessarily have to succeed in selling his projects. On the other hand, with a strong fan base and a Bayonetta 3 critically acclaimed, hard to imagine the witch stopping on such a good path.

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