Bayonetta 3 is totally excessive with canon gameplay

Bayonetta 3 is totally excessive with canon gameplay

A few weeks before its release, Bayonetta 3 goes into overdrive with nearly eight minutes of unreleased excerpts that should make fans of the witch drool. The exclusive Nintendo Switch reveals many of its secrets there.

Bayonetta 3 will (finally) arrive on Nintendo Switch on October 28th. And so it’s the perfect time to take stock of a title that barely delivered.

Bayonetta 3 dazzles in its latest trailer

In order not to lengthen the duration of the Nintendo Direct, Big has published on his YouTube channel the long gameplay video of Bayonetta 3. The witch of the Umbra presents us with the extent of her powers, whether old or new. Besides Bewitching to slow down time and maximize her damage, Bayo will be able to summon demons from Hell to deal with oversized enemies for her. This action, which consumes energy and makes us vulnerable during “Dance of Submission”allows creatures to intervene in full combos.

the “Final Submission” will end a sequence when the “Submission counter” is there to thwart an enemy attack. Summoning a demon can also be combined with Bewitchment. Other things ? Yes, “Sadistic Attacks” where Bayo will lose his clothes, or not if you apply censorship mode, and the “Demon Masquerade” to become an evil creature yourself and unleash special moves like the “Shapeshifting Rage”. Finally, for platform phases, you can even be a demon spider!

Viola and her kitten Chouchou

Viola, the second playable heroine, is an apprentice witch who trades Bayo’s pistols for a sword, magic darts and her fists when she summons Chouchou. A big kitten who will take care of carrying out big damage while Viola will distribute her stuffers. The Bewitchment will activate this time by dodging attacks at the right time.

An adjustable difficulty for Bayonetta 3

In addition to a mode in which Bayonetta 3 will keep its clothes on so as not to shock anyone, there are three difficulty modes. But another mechanism, the “Immortal Puppet”, will allow you to be on autopilot with automatic attacks. Just press a single button and you’re done!

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