Bayonetta 3: a totally lunar new twist

Bayonetta 3: a totally lunar new twist

Bayonetta 3 is finally available on Nintendo Switch! But the case between PlatinumGames and former actress Hellana Taylor is not over and is taking a very bad turn.

Hellana Taylor does not want the Bayonetta 3 scandal to die out and has just blown the embers hard.

The Bayonetta Affair 3: Act III

A week ago now, Hellana Taylor, the former actress who gave her voice to the beloved witch, revealed that she was not returning to her role because of a low salary which would have been an insult to her person.

She had stated that the proposal to voice the character again was only $4000 for the whole game, which was ultimately a lie on her part. In truth, she was offered around $15,000, which she declined asking for a six-figure sum and a profit on the sales.

After asking players to boycott Bayonetta 3, she now asks to make donations to associations. The problem is that in the list of associations is Billboards 4Life. A Kentucky-based group whose mission is to “cover cities and towns with pro-life Catholic billboards to raise awareness of the sanctity of human life”.

In summary, Billboards 4Life is therefore openly anti-abortion and Hellana Taylor is publicly promoting it on her Twitter account. This contrasts with other structures like PetsForVets in charge of rescuing dogs, taking care of them so that they can join war veterans and have happy days.

On a less sordid note, we leave you with the Bayonetta 3 launch trailer as well as our test.

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